Did the world just witness the first marijuana overdose death?

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White people consuming marijuana
White people consuming marijuana

In the history of the world, people have died by alcohol overdose, prescription drug overdose, over the counter drugs overdose and even water overdose. No one has ever died from a marijuana overdose, until now, at least that is according to a coroner in New Orleans.

A 39-year-old Louisiana woman died last week and Coroner Christy Montegu says she died from an excess amount of THC, the main ingredient in marijuana.

“It looked like it was all THC because her autopsy showed no physical disease or afflictions that were the cause of death. There was nothing else identified in the toxicology — no other drugs, no alcohol,” Montegut said. “There was nothing else.”

So in the history of the earth and of all the countries around the world, there has never been a marijuana overdose death until now as the herb is starting to be legalized. At first, some marijuana lovers were attributing the death to the fact that marijuana is now being manufactured in laboratories rather than cultivated on farms. However, experts are disagreeing that it is even possible to overdose on marijuana regardless if it comes from a regular farm or a laboratory.

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Keith Humphreys, a former senior policy adviser at the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy is skeptical about the coroners finding. He thinks that if it was possible to die from THC consumption we would have seen a lot more deaths just based on the high volume of people that use marijuana in the United States alone.

“We know from really good survey data that Americans use cannabis products billions of times a year, collectively. Not millions of times, but billions of times a year,” said Humphreys. “So, that means that if the risk of death was one in a million, we would have a couple of thousand cannabis overdose deaths a year.”

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Drug experts say that it is not uncommon for someone to have a drug in their system when they die and because the coroner cannot find what caused the death, they blame it on the drug.

Despite the coroner’s conclusion, the National Institute of Drug Abuse continues to say that there has never been a human death caused by THC.



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