Powdered Cannabis: The next big thing?

powdered cannabis
powdered cannabis

Nowadays, there are a lot of forms of Cannabis; one of them is the powdered form. We can get traditional buds, oils, concentrates, beverages, and even lotions and creams. The Powdered Cannabis utilizes the same technology that powdered sports drink mixes and powdered alcohol use to come easily packaged for long-term storage.

PAlcohol and Powdered Cannabis

The powdered alcohol utilizes chemicals known as cyclodextins to generate the highly concentrated and water-soluble granules. They are rounded structures of sugar molecules help to take up other compounds into their center. They are a molecule magnet, cyclodextrins absorb other molecules and assume their properties. These molecules can absorb up to 60% of their weight in alcohol while remaining in powdered form. It isn’t until you mix them with water that they dissolve.

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Exciting here is that the same process is for THC. By experimenting this they increase the THC around 1000 times. THC can simply insert itself into the middle of a modified cyclodextrin complex, allowing it to be dissolve in water almost just as well as sugar on its own. Same like alcohol, THC and cyclodextrin combine to make a highly concentrated powder that can be dissolved in water. Cannabis patients are often challenged by the mediums they are offered for using cannabis. Powdered marijuana could potentially provide them a convenient—and smokeless—alternative to access the valuablecannabinoids they need.

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Versatile Cannabinoid Vestibules

Universities are trying to make their best researches for the concentrations and applications of the powder in order to ensure its effectiveness as a safe medium for cannabis consumption.
“Powdered alcohol” just facilitates people getting drunk more easily, when “powdered weed” hits the market it will be there to help victims of cancer, AIDS, MS and other debilitating illnesses that benefit from cannabinoids. THC’s poor water solubility makes it difficult to prescribe to patients who need a constant dosage. Stay tuned for the latest research updates on “powdered weed.”



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