Is the term “Redneck” an offensive slur?


I’ve never quite understood whether or not the term “redneck” is offensive and derogatory. For the people who are referred to as rednecks, they seem to embrace the term for the most part. For example country star Gretchen Wilson’s biggest hit is entitled “redneck woman” and rednecks proudly display their redneck skills at the redneck games. I have never heard anyone refer to redneck as the “R word” or the “R bomb”; therefore I don’t think the word is as derogatory as the “N word” or as offensive as the “F bomb”.

Or is redneck something only whites could call other whites similar to the way rappers use the ‘N’ word?

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It seems like mainstream media afraid to say “rednecks”. For example, when they want to discuss the difficult time Hillary Clinton is having attracting rednecks, they use the term “white working class instead”. Why do they choose instead to say the “white working class”? Does the white accountant with a bachelor’s degree who goes to the office to work from 9 to 5 on a daily basis not a member of the working class also? What about white teachers, white registered nurses or any other white professional that requires a high level of education? What is that makes the uneducated with a job more of the working class than the educated with a job?

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In my opinion if you have to get up and go to work on a daily basis to accumulate your 40 hours per week then you are apart of the working class.

So the media need to stop talking about Hillary Clinton having problems getting the votes of the white working class. She is doing pretty fine in that area. The truth is, Clinton is having a difficult time getting rednecks to vote for her. Surprise! Surprise!

Let’s call it what it is. Unless of course, it is a derogatory term.



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