A hopeful precursor to the Trump’s presidency.

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Donald Trump's presidency (hopefully)
Donald Trump's presidency (hopefully)

A boat parade in honor of the United States most bigoted president in this history of the nation did not go up in smoke but it can be said that it went down in water. For Americans that really love America and want to see the country grow and prosper they have to hope that a similar fate awaits the Trump presidency.

The parade of boats near Austin, Texas adorned with “MAGA” and “Trump 2020 flags ended in disarray Saturday afternoon as at least four watercraft sank and boaters continually rang local authorities in distress.

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With temperatures at 90 degrees and helicopters buzzing overhead, the Lake Travis Trump Boat Parade, as the event was known on Facebook, began at noon. The Travis County Sheriff’s Office received its
first call for help related to the event at 12:15, spokesperson Kristen Dark told 18 Karat Reggae.

The sheriff’s office responded to similar calls for the nearly two-hour duration of the demonstration, according to Dark.

“We’ve responded to multiple calls of boaters in distress, and some of the craft did sink,” Dark said.

Captain Christa Stedman of Travis County Emergency Medical Services said at least four boats had been reported swamped, though, she said, “That might be on the low side.”

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The sheriff’s office said the final count of vessels that sunk might increase, as deputies were still occupied responding to various emergencies more hours after the parade concluded.

The best thing for America right now is to see the Trump presidential campaign sinking in the coming weeks just like the boat at this parade.



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