Jamaicans show their love for Donald Trump by voting for Andrew Holness.

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Donald Trump and Andrew Holness
Donald Trump and Andrew Holness

Jamaicans all but guarantee Donald Trump another 4 years as president when they voted overwhelmingly for Andrew Holness in yesterday’s election on the island. There is now an 80 percent chance that this will be 2016 all over again when Holness won the prime minister seat in Jamaica as a precursor to Trump winning the United States presidency later in the year.

From the days when Michael Manley a former prime minister of Jamaica and leader of the People’s National Party (PNP) was buddy with Fidel Castro of Cuba, while on the other side there was Edward Seaga better known as Edward CIAga, also a former prime minister of the island and leader of the Jamaican Labor Party (JLP) and was said to be in cahoots with Ronald Reagan of the United States; Jamaica and the United States have been in locked step for the most part when it comes to political leadership.

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The JLP is Jamaica’s version of the conservative Republicans in the United States while the PNP is the equivalent of the liberal Democrats. Since the late 70s up to the present, with only a few exceptions; whenever the countries have close elections, if the PNP wins in Jamaica then you could expect the Democrats to win in the United States and vice versa. Likewise if Republicans win in the United States, you can expect the JLP to win in Jamaica.

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Yesterday, Andrew Holness of the JLP won a sweeping victory to become the prime minster of Jamaica for a second consecutive term. This victory for Holness is a big win for Donald Trump in his upcoming presidential contest. Although Trump is trailing Biden in the polls, a victory for Holness means Donald Trump now has a greater than 80% chance of winning in November.

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Holness first won the prime minister seat in 2016 just months before Trump would win the presidency. 2020 stands to be a repeat of 2016.



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