Vybz Kartel should learn some humility from Buju Banton.

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Vybz Kartel and Buju Banton
Vybz Kartel and Buju Banton

Buju Banton could have been hyping himself and basking in the glory of the success of the first leg of his Long Walk to Freedom tour, instead the Rasta has remained calm, humble and thankful. On the other hand, Vybz Kartel, who is awaiting the result of his murder conviction appeal has shown his lack of humility when he lashed out against the appeal judges and the entire Jamaican justice system.

““4 months of trial wid 6k page a transcription, then unuh take one hour fi cook up man and convict.. one fuckin hour! now we affi wait one year fi appeal?” Vybz Kartel posted on Instagram. “Fool unuh take man fa but hurry up and finish unuh crucifixion so we can get real justice a UK me never stop bun boasty slave.”

It is ironic that Vybz Kartel is talking about “Boasty Slave” while at the same time he is being very boastful and braggadocios even while in a position of little power.

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The entire world knows that the Jamaican Justice system is unfair and downright corrupt but why would someone like Vybz Kartel who claims to be intelligent be so silly has to insult the judges while they are in the process of deciding if he should be free or not? If he wants to insult the judges he should at least wait until they have rendered their decision and then voice his opinions.

Buju Banton served is time and is now a free man. Everyone with common sense knows that Buju Banton was set up and they also know why the entertainer got set up. Yet, Buju Banton has never said anything derogatory about his situation.

If Vybz Kartel was as intelligent as Buju Banton, he would not even be posting to social media right now. He is not supposed to have a phone while in prison. So as the appeal judges see these posts they will definitely be thinking that here is a man who believes he is above the law. A man who believes that laws do not apply to him is more likely to be involved in crimes. While the appeal judges should only be considering the law when rendering decisions, they are human being with human tendencies.

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If the decision on whether Vybz Kartel was given a fair trial or not is a close one, chances are his behavior will have some impact on the judges.

The best thing that those around Vybz Kartel can do for him right now, is to encourage him to be more like Buju Banton, humble.



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