A white man teaching Jamaicans how to treat other Black people; Dalton Harris for Reggae Sumfest.

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Dalton Harris and Joe Bogdanovich
Dalton Harris and Joe Bogdanovich

Dalton Harris was the 2018 winner of the X Factor but he never got the warm welcome in Jamaica that Tessanne Chin got when she won The Voice. Marcus Garvey must be turning in his grave to see his Black Jamaicans treating a Chinese better than their own.

On Buju Banton’s first leg of his Long Walk to Freedom Tour he invited Stefflon Don to perform on stage but no such offer was extended to Dalton Harris. Buju was also given a pandemonium of a welcome when he returned to Jamaican after serving a 10-year prison sentence in the United States but Dalton Harris kept his return a secret for his own safety.

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Finally, Harris will get the respect he deserves in his own country, thanks to a white foreigner. The X Factor winner will be a performer on Reggae Sumfest 2019 this summer after he was booked by Joe Bogdanovich.

It is disgraceful that Black people would treat their own Black man the way they have treated Dalton Harris. The bad treatment they gave Harris was based on the assumption that he is gay even though the singer has denied the rumor on multiple occasions.

Some Jamaicans are now even going as far as to criticize is addition to Reggae Sumfest. Some say that Harris should not be on the festival because winning the X Factor has been his only accomplishment musically. The event’s organizer, Bogdanovich, disagrees with their sentiment.

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“There’s a lot of interest in Dalton. He’s one heck of a singer. Come on. You don’t need any other reason to want him on the show,” Bogdanovich said.

It is great that Dalton Harris will on Reggae Sumfest but he should have also been on Buju Banton’s Long Walk to Freedom. It is a shame that in 2019, a white man has to show Black people how to treat a fellow Black man.



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