Is Kamala Harris racist against Black men?

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Kamala Harris and her husband
Kamala Harris and her husband

Now that Kamala Harris has announced her 2020 presidential run, Blacks and Indians are running to claim her as their own. Harris is biracial, born to Black Jamaican father and an Indian mother who were both civil rights activist during the civil rights movement of the 60s.

While Kamala Harris might be half-black there are many who believe that her actions while she was a prosecutor were very anti-Black. There are even some who are questioning whether or not the senator from California might be racist against Black men.

Kamala Harris as a prosecutor was very anti the Black Lives Matter movement. She fought against things like body cameras for police, sentencing reform and marijuana legalization. She was also pro death penalty and a big supporter of the “three strikes you are out” law.

With so many unharmed Black men murdered by police in the last few years, Harris will have a hard time explaining why she was against these officers wearing body cameras. Black men are also disproportionately sentenced to death for the same crimes as other ethnical groups.

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“Democratic primary voters have been shaped by rising movements for racial, economic and gender justice,” said Waleed Shahid, spokesman for Justice Democrats, a group supporting progressive candidates.

“Harris will have to figure out how she’ll convince the movement that she’s their champion when many organizers and activists are on record criticizing her approach as attorney general on issues related to prison overcrowding, police shootings and marijuana legalization,” Shahid said.

Like Barack Obama, Kamala Harris seemed to be more sympathetic to homosexuals than she was to Black as she declined to defend a state ballot proposition prohibiting same-sex marriage.

Although Harris claimed to be a progressive prosecutor the University of San Francisco law professor Lara Bazelon says Harris’ “record on wrongful convictions alone is disqualifying” for that title.

Over 90% of Kamala Harris’ wrongful convictions were against Black and Hispanic males.

Bazelon, the director of the school’s juvenile and racial justice clinics, said there was widespread criticism of Harris in 2015 from civil rights leaders and racial justice advocates for her failure to support legislation mandating statewide standards for police body cameras and that the attorney general’s office investigate police shootings.

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Berkeley Law School Dean Erwin Chemerinsky said he thinks highly of Harris but rejected the notion she could not have done more as attorney general to investigate allegations of misconduct in the Orange County district attorney’s office. Harris instead defended the prosecutors, who were found to have used illegal jailhouse informants and concealed evidence.

“I was disappointed in her failure as attorney general to respond to serious civil rights violations that were occurring in the Orange County jails,” Chemerinsky said.

Again, over 90% of these civil rights violations were done against Black males.



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