Picking Kamala Harris could be the worst decision Joe Biden has ever made in his life.

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Joe Biden hugging Kamala Harris
Joe Biden hugging Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris is surely bright, intelligent, ambitious, eloquent and articulate but picking her as his running mate could turn out to be the worst decision Joe Biden has ever made in his life.

So why could picking such a well-qualified candidate be such a bad decision for Joe Biden? Well, Kamala Harris has Jamaican roots via her father and Jamaicans for the most part, just like Kamala Harris, are some very proud and ambitious people. If Biden and Harris defeat Donald Trump and Mike Pence, most Jamaicans will not be satisfied with Harris being just a vice president. They will want the ultimate prize, the presidency.

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To get straight to the point, if Biden and Harris win the United States presidential election on November 3rd, then bright and early on the morning of November 4th, 80 percent of Jamaicans will be in St. Thomas to get Biden out of the way so that Harris could be the president.

For the non-Jamaicans who don’t know what the Jamaicans will be doing in St. Thomas; just ask your Jamaican friend.

If Joe Biden wins the presidency, Kamala Harris will be the president before the end of 2021. You heard it here first.

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