Bob Marley was the only Rasta to touch Cindy Breakspeare’s tomato.

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“She say to touch she yam, she pumpkin, she potato; but later will be greater when yuh touh she tomato.” – Gregory Isaacs (Coronation Market)

Can you be a Rasta, which is a pro Black Movement and still lust White women? Can you be a Rasta and record a music video with half naked women parading around? Those were the burning questions in the Rasta and Reggae community this week as a spat between reggae artist Fantan Mojah and dub poet Mutabaruka played out in the public.

The conflict between Muta and Fantan started after the latter released the video for his single Fire King, which has females in G-strings dancing provocatively and seducing the artist.

Muta, who is an elder in the Rasta community did not expect this type of behavior from a fellow Rasta and he made his feelings known.

“I see a Bobo pon this ting yah (Fantan’s music video) and I neva know seh a here so it reach, because mi have Bobo highly respected inna certain levels,” Mutabaruka said.

Note:A Bobo is a member of the Bobo Ashanti, the strictest and most disciplined sect under the Rasta covenant.

Fantan did not take kindly to Muta’s criticism and hurled numerous insults at the elder. Fantan went as far as accusing Muta of having a deep love for white women and therefore is not a real Rasta. Muta denied the charges and asked Fantan to provide some evidence as proof.

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“Me want Fantan Mojah in all of him travels fi tell me which white woman him ever hear seh me deh with,” Mutabaruka said.

Fantan Mojah responded that he was certain and had proof that Muta once had an intimate affair with Cindy Breakspeare who was the girlfriend of Bob Marley and is the mother of Junior Gong.

Muta vehemently denied the accusation and made it clear that he hand Bob Marley never plowed the same garden much less to touch the same tomato.

“Where him get this argument from? And when me call that woman name as it relates to Bob Marley,” Muta asked.

When we reached out to Ras Gabriel who was part of the Marley entourage and is still friends with Cindy, he stated that as far as he knows Muta is telling the truth and Fantan either made up the allegation or is listening to a rumor.

“I never know Cindy to be with any other reggae musician or Rasta besides Bob. After Bob she deh wid di lawyer man and she is still wid dat lawyer, there was no room for Muta,” Ras Gabriel said.

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Now even Fantan is coming out and saying he might have been wrong but he said he made the statement because he heard Muta said it on his radio program.

“I talk some things about Jr Gong mother that I really shouldn’t talk, so mi apologize. Mi fix up the talk. But is Muta me hear say it one day on his programme,” Fantan Mojah said.

Whether Muta had mentioned Cindy as one of his conquest or not is debatable as there as been no audio proof so far. One this is clear, however, both men have made it clear that Muta did not touch Cindy’s tomato. So as far as the public knows, Bob Marley was the only reggae artist and the only Rasta to water that garden. Curious minds can only wander if another farmer stepped in to water Rita’s garden during these times.



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