America the beacon of hatred is now in the valley of decision.

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Donald Trump's supporter waving his KKK flag.
Donald Trump's supporter waving his KKK flag.

It was supposed to be a night of celebrations. It should have been a joyous occasion witnessing the start of the NFL season and somewhat a return to normalcy after suffering and sacrificing through almost 8 months of the coronavirus pandemic.

It was beautiful to see men of all ethnicities locked arms in the center of a football field as a symbol of unity and togetherness of all people regardless of race, social status, religious affiliation or any grouping that keep humans fighting against each other. For a moment it seems like the dream of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had a chance of becoming a reality. Hearts cheered, minds had hopeful thoughts when the NFL announcer asked for a moment of silence for unity. It seems like there was hope after all but just a second into the moment of silence, Donald Trump’s supporters brought an abrupt ending to the hopefulness with an outburst of boos. It was only a little over 15 thousand fans in attendance but as the boos reigned down, it sounded like 50 thousand hatred filled, barbaric, demonic, princesses and princes of darkness.

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It did not take long to fall back to reality. America is still America. A country built on slavery, murder, robbery, rape and everything evil. Last night was a reminder that concrete hearts can hold no love; regardless of how hard it tries.

Yet, there is still hope for America. We saw the hope when people from all walks of life protested against injustice over the summer.

So America is now down in the valley, a valley of decision. On one side of this financially great nation yet morally bankrupt and void of love is a hill of peace and togetherness. On the other side is a hill of violence and hatred; the same hatred on full display as Trump supports boo the very thought of unity in the country.

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Which hill will America choose? Will they continue to choose hate over love?



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