Eric Trump refers to Black people as animals.

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Eric Trump
Eric Trump

Eric Trump, the son of the dotard in the white house, referred to Black people as “animals” while speaking at his father’s campaign rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Little Trump told the crowd that there were no better family than the Trump family to “protect the moral fabric of America” as he lashed out against Black Lives Matter protestors who are protesting for equal justice for people of color and ridding the country of police brutality.

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“Because when you watch the nonsense on TV, when you see these animals literally taking over our cities, burning down churches, this isn’t America,” the younger Trump said.

“They represent the smallest fraction of our society”, he continued. Blacks are actually 13 percent of the United States’ population.

The Black Lives Matter organization has consistently faced verbal and sometimes physical abuse as they fight for equal Justice.

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