Biting Insects (Oral Sex) Invading Jamaica.

Biting insects
Biting insects

Years ago it was hard to find any Jamaicans who were fond of oral sex, in fact they despised biting insects. At the time when Shabba Ranks releases his big hit song “Dem bow”, there were no Jamaican bowcats, at least no one would admit that they were. Boy have things changed.

Blame it on American cable TV, blame it on Vybz Kartel, blame it on whatever or whoever you want, but the undeniable fact is biting insects have taken over Jamaica, even in public faces. Maybe Lisa Hyper was the fist Jamaican star to be caught indulging in biting insects on her then mentor, the Gaza boss, Vybz Kartel.

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Then on Vybz Kartel’s leaked BBM messages it was revealed that Gaza Kim was also performing biting insects on the world boss. Oral sex in Jamaica have even made it into music videos, as Demarco actually did a video with two girls giving him biting insects.

From the music video, it went to the dancehalls and other public places, where girls are more than willing to show their biting insects skills, especially when they hear Gage’s “Dung inna yuh throat”.

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It is hard to believe that sweet Jamaica has become so scandalous. Harder to believe is that many are proud of it. It is like filth without guilt. Something that was once looked at in distaste by Jamaicans, is now loved and embraced. Hopefully it stops at biting insects.



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