Africa dying to see Buju Banton; some calls out Rasta hypocrisy.

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Buju Banton
Buju Banton

As Buju Banton takes his Long Walk to Freedom Tour all over the Caribbean the people of Africa are begging and pleading for the living reggae legend to come to Africa to perform.

“Buju Banton is the most talked about person on the continent right now,” a South African by the name of AfricanPride posted on Instagram. “From Ethiopia to Nigeria, from Tunisia to South Africa, Africans can’t wait to see this man.”

Since Buju Banton’s release from an American prison after serving over 8 years on a drug related charge, the Rasta has embarked on a tour that saw him performing in Jamaican and the Bahamas with Trinidad and Barbados coming up in the next two weeks.

Buju Banton will also be performing at Summer Jam 2019 in Germany.

Some Africans expressed disappointment that after Jamaica, Africa was not the next place Buju Banton visited especially since he is a Rasta who professes so much love for Africa.

“I can’t believe Buju Banton will be performing in the land of Adolph Hitler (Germany) before coming to Mama Africa,” a fan poste on social media.

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Whatever happened to “Buju go down a Congo, stop inna Shashamane
Land. The city of Harar where Selassie come from. In Addis Ababa then Botswana, left Kenya and end up inna Ghana?” she asked.

Africans have long believed that although Rasta artistes love to sing about Mama Africa, they do not show that level of love to the continent. African promoters have complained of reggae artistes charging significantly more money to perform in Africa than they do to perform in Europe and North America.

Jazz Safari tied to reassure Africans that it is not because reggae artistes do not love Africa why they are not there more and charge more money when they do come to the continent but it is just doing what makes the most logistical sense.

Below is Safari’s explanation to reggae fans in Africa on why reggae artistes do not visit Africa as frequently as they do Europe and North America.

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You can do several shows within the same European country and across the EU. This means promoters can pool resources in the various cities. It becomes worth it for the artist to perform 7 shows across EU for 15K each, than do just a one off in an Africa city.

African promoters need to work together so that when an artist comes to perform, they can perform more shows within the same week in different places; say Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda having shows within 10 days of each other, then it makes sense.

All artists tend to charge more for one offs. Let’s not forget travel distances. It’s literally 4 days of travel to and from Africa.

18 Karat Reggae reached out to the Buju Banton camp to see if they had any plans of heading to Africa in the near future but did not get a response at press time.



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