Did the man who burned the Louisiana churches do Black people a favor?

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Black Christians
Black Christians

The man accused of burning the three black Baptist churches in Louisiana, Holden Matthews, had a deep hatred for Baptist churches, and Christianity in general; at least that is what it seems when looking back at his Facebook posts.

“I can’t stand all these Baptists around here, bunch of brainwashed people trying to find happiness in a religion that was forced on their ancestors just as it was on mine,” Matthews responded to a “Black Spirituality” post on Facebook.

Matthews went on to say that he wished “more black people would look into ancient beliefs of pre Christian Africa.”

Now, there is no justification for burning down churches or any destruction of property for that matter. However, while we disagree with the means we should not refrain from looking at the ends. We cannot continue to ignore the chains of Christianity that has continued to bind Black people into mental slavery.

Today millions of Black people will waste away billions of hours in churches and it will do nothing to improve their lives individually or enhance Black progress as a whole. The only thing Christianity has done for Black people is keep them pacified so they won’t put up any resistance against white oppression.

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Matthews brought up a great point about Blacks needing to look into ancient African beliefs before Christianity invaded Africa. In every instance where Blacks shun Christianity and returned to African spirituality, they were successful in their fight against white oppression.

The Maroons of Jamaica turned to African spirituality in their fight against the British on the island and they were successful. The Haitian also relied on African spirituality in their revolution of 1804 and they were also victorious.

Yet, despite these victories, whites always managed to convince Black people that African spirituality and traditions were dirty and evil. Sadly, today more than 80 percent of Black people believe that only the blood of Jesus Christ will save them from oppression.

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It is almost like the African God(s) revealed itself to Black people to let them know that if they will just return to their roots all physical and mental chains would be broken yet Blacks insist on worshipping and staying true to false gods.

“Jesus save” but he didn’t save the millions who died in the middle passages, the millions who slaved and died on western plantations, the hundreds of thousands who were lynched in America nor the thousands that continue to be murdered by police today.

So yes, what Holden Matthews did was wrong but if it wakes Black people up so they could return to African traditions, it was worth it. A white god will never deliver Black people from white oppression. The oppressor and the oppressed worshipping the same God is the ultimate sign of insanity.



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