Is Kanye West too stupid to realize that his running for president will hurt Black people?

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Kanye West
Kanye West

Either Kanye West is really stupid or he hates Black people just as much as Donald Trump. It seems like the rapper does not understand and no one in his camp is telling him, that him running for president is actually helping Donald Trump.

If West is on the ballot as an independent in November, a lot of young people, especially hip hop fans will be tempted to vote for him. A study shows that 96% of the people who would vote for the rapper are people who would have voted for Biden if West was not on the ticket.

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Let’s face it, Kanye has zero chance of winning the presidency but he can very well help Donald Trump to win it. Luckily, he has been facing a lot of issues and there are already a number of states that will not have his name on the ballot. Missouri is one of those states.

The artist fell 3,443 signatures short of what he needed to qualify for the November general election ballot, Missouri Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft announced Tuesday. Ashcroft’s office released a letter it sent to West outlining its findings.

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West, at one point a vocal Trump supporter has been waging a presidential campaign largely viewed as a publicity stunt to promote a new album. Still, he will appear on the ballot in multiple states.
Hopefully the rapper will come to his senses before the election and direct his would be voters to vote for Joe Biden.



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