87% Of Married Jamaicans Have Cheated On Their Partners.

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Beautiful Black Couple

A research was conducted by 18 Karat Reggae among 3,876 Jamaican married individuals between the ages of 25-50 from seven parishes: St. James, Westmoreland, Portland, Trelawney, St. Thomas, St. Andrews and St. Elizabeth.

From the research, it was concluded, that 87% of married Jamaicans have cheated on their partners at least once, and among them 89% are women.

Adding to this, the research said that according to 48% of Jamaicans, there are many chances of falling in love with two people at the same time, whether it is someone from work, church or a neighbor.

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In marriages where the wife attends church and the husband does not, 28% of these have cheated with a man from the church.

Only 8% of Jamaican men said their wives had access to their cell phones and only 13% of Jamaican women said their husbands knew their phone password. Moreover, 39% of the women who said their husbands can access their phones say that they frequently delete message with other men so their husbands can’t see them.

66% of Jamaicans are of the opinion that one person can potentially cheat on a person even after being in love with them.

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Interestingly enough, 33% of Jamaicans say that if they find out about the affairs of their partner would forgive them and stay in the relationship without giving a second thought.

The best thing about the research is that 96% of the participants said they take extra precaution when have an intimate affair with someone other than their partner to make sure they practice safe sex. This number was equal both men and women.



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