Barbados hopes Buju Banton can boost their economy like he did for Jamaica and the Bahamas.

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Buju Banton
Buju Banton

Barbados is eagerly awaiting the arrival of Buju Banton later this month and they are hoping they will see the same economic boost that Jamaica and the Bahamas experienced as a result of the artiste performing in those islands.

In Jamaica, Buju Banton created economic history for the island. His show in Jamaican was on March 16th and the month has gone down has the best month for tourism in the history of the country and its tourism sector.

Jamaica Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett says Buju Banton has already put the island on track to have its best tourism year ever.

“The winter tourist season runs from December through April; March 2019 was the biggest month ever in our history and it was led by the Buju Banton concert. 2019 is trending in a way that is going to break all records,” Bartlett said.

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These kinds of results as well as the historic rise in visitors that the Bahamas experience while Buju Banton was there is what Barbados is hoping to experience later this month.

Tickets for the April 27, 2019 Buju Banton Long Walk to Freedom concert in Barbados, have been selling like “hot cakes,” according to the show promoter, Al Gilkes,

He says on the first day they put Buju Banton’s tickets out for sale which was back in mid-December, 300 tickets were sold immediately.

“Despite the fact that we knew the appeal that Buju Banton has now it was something unprecedented that four months plus before a show, on the first day just online you could sell over 300 plus tickets. So then we decided to open the box offices locally and the same thing happened. People just responded. It looks like based on this preliminary response and the urge to get tickets, we will have a monster show on our hands,” Gilkes said.

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Buju Banton, whose real name is Mark Myrie, was released from McRae Correctional Centre in Georgia on December 8 after serving a near 10-year conviction for conspiracy to possess and distribute cocaine.



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