Why does the Bahamas media hate on Buju Banton?

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Buju Banton
Buju Banton

The Bahamas Tourist Board was very grateful and happy for what Buju Banton did for their economy this past weekend, however, the Bahamas media was very ungrateful. Numerous Bahamian media outlets have been spreading lies trying to downplay the size of the crowd that Buju Banton drew on the second leg of his Long Walk to Freedom tour.

18 Karat Reggae was the first to report that the Bahamas leg of the tour did not draw as many people as the Jamaican leg but that was expected. Jamaica is Buju Banton’s homeland, it was his first show since being incarcerated for over 8 years and Jamaica’s population is more about 7 times the size of the Bahamas. So no one was expecting Buju to draw over 30 fans like he did in Jamaica.

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While the Bahamas leg of the tour did not have 30 thousand like Jamaica, it definitely had over 10 thousand; however, the Bahamas media is trying to make it sound like that is not the case.

“REGGAE legend Buju Banton wowed hundreds of fans Saturday night during the Bahamian leg of his “Long Walk to Freedom” tour,” The Bahamas Tribune reported.

We are not sure how they come up with their low figure but 18 Karat Reggae was at the venue and it was not hundreds of fans, it was thousands.

Bahamaspress.com was just as dishonest in their reporting as the Bahamas. The claimed that the venue was “half empty” while at the same time complaining that the 300 police officers promised for security were not there.

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“We await the drone shots but from this empty field all could not have went well,” Bahamas Press reported. We are not sure what fields they were at but it couldn’t have been the one at the Thomas A Robinson National Stadium because that one was almost filled to capacity.

The bottom line is the Bahamas show was thrilling and exciting as Buju Banton captivated the audience the same way he did in Jamaica. The crowd was not as big as the Jamaican leg of the our but it was many times bigger than the Bahamas media is reporting.



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