Chronixx & ZincFence on Tiny Desk Show

For those not in the know….Chronixx Jamar McNaughton (born 10 October 1992),[2] popularly known as Chronixx, is a Jamaican reggae artist. His stage name replaced the name “Little Chronicle” which he was given because of his […]

Dons of Jamaica

Understanding Ghettos and Dons

By: Toraino Beckford Ever wonder why inner city residents demonstrate and protest when the police kill dons and strong men associated with their communities? One of the most straightforward explanations is that the person was […]

Caribbean State

The Caribbean State.

The geopolitical climate of the world in the 21st century is influenced by the concentration of international influence into a few imperial networks. This in turn leads to global establishments such as the United Nations […]

Jamaica Customs

How Customs Can Make Jamaicans Richer.

The views below are not necessarily those of 18 Karat Reggae. We believe that only items that are not produced and cannot be produced in Jamaica, should be shipped to Jamaica. Jamaicans abroad should stop […]

Police Reform in Jamaica

Police Reform in Jamaica.

“The first step in fighting crime is to expose political corruption and reform the police force.” By Toraino Beckford. POLICE REFORM In order to effectively fight crime in Jamaica, the nation must possess a trusted […]