Rasta Words and their meaning.

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African flag
African flag

Ever heard certain Rasta words and what they mean? Below are some of the most used Rasta words.

Batican – Papal state in Rome.

Crownation – The prophetic and historic crowning of His Imperial Majesty – November 2, 1930.

Deadas – Dead (animal) flesh used as food.

Frienemy – Person pretending to be a friend, while being an enemy or hypocritical friend.

Incient – Belong to times long past; beyond memory; civilized nations of antiquity.

Initate – Using the mind to gain access to knowledge and overstanding.

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Iserve – Perform duly, perceive; become conscious of; examine keenly.

Livet – Natural wholesome food to preserve the temple; ital, vital food.

Raspect – Regard with esteem, courtesy or honor; treat with consideration.

EarthStrong – Birthday.

Overstand – Understand



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