Vybz Kartel and Lisa Hyper are Jamaica’s real first couple of Dancehall.

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Vybz Kartel and Lisa Hyper
Vybz Kartel and Lisa Hyper

When Beenie Man was still married to D’Angel the pair was often referred to as Dancehall’s first couple, however, according to Lisa Hyper that title really belongs to Vybz Kartel and her.

According to Hyper, she knew Vybz Kartel since she was a child long before the hype and the fame as the two grew up in the same neighborhood. On the other hand, Beenie Man met D’Angel when the two were already celebrities and D’Angel was already involved with Beenie Man’s arch-rival, Bounty Killer.

In other words, it can be said that music was really what brought Beenie and D’Angel together but Lisa Hyper and Vybz Kartel were together before music.

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“The connection Adidja and I have is way deeper than music, deeper than the deep blue sea,” Lisa Hyper told a Jamaican tabloid. “I know this man from the age of five; we grew up in the same community. We could talk about anything and as our friendship grew, we became very much involved in an intimate relationship.”

Lisa Hyper says she will be waiting for Vybz Kartel he wins his appeal and is a free man again as her love for him have never wavered over the years. She says man women came around the king of dancehall for material gain or to advance their music career but her love was always from the heart.

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“I’m not like the others who met him as Vybz Kartel just to get a buss.” Lisa Hyper said.

Whether or not Lisa Hyper and Vybz Kartel will get back in an intimate relationship remains to be seen. Kartel is currently awaiting the result from his appeal of a murder conviction. A verdict is expected in the case in the very near future and the world boss’ attorneys believe he will be victorious.



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