Shenseea shocks Reggae Community by posting intimate photos with lesbian girlfriend.

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Shenseea and lesbian girlfriend
Shenseea and lesbian girlfriend

Fast-rising dancehall reggae star, Shenseea, has sent a shockwave through the Reggae Music and Dancehall community as she posted numerous intimate photos on Instagram of herself lying in bed with her girlfriend.

Shenseea who is the mother of a young boy never revealed that she was a lesbian or bisexual until now. The photo was captioned with the following: “Thanks for being here #life #love.”

Many fans on social media were wondering whether the star was doing it as a publicity stunt as Jamaican artistes are famous for going the extra mile to gain publicity.

Lesbian Shenseea kissing girlfriend
Lesbian Shenseea kissing girlfriend

Reggae Music and Dancehall have been losing its conservatism over the years. Coming from the island that boasts the most churches per capita, certain lifestyles were frowned upon in the dancehall. Things abortion, oral sex, homosexuality and skin-bleaching used to be a complete no-no in the culture. In fact, reggae artistes who often sing about killing those who partake in oral sex and homosexuality often got in trouble with the homosexual community.

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Things began to change when Diana King came out and announced that she was a lesbian. Then there was a video that went viral that was said to be of Lisa Hyper performing oral sex on Vybz Kartel. Female deejay, Ishawna, also released a song promoting oral sex which turned out to be a huge hit in Jamaica. Shenseea herself has said that she is a big fan of fellatio and enjoys being the giver. Then just last year, Shauna Chin, the former manager of Gully Bop, who herself is pursuing a career as a dancehall artiste, announced that she was gay.

While Shenseea coming out as a lesbian is shocking, it was not the only news today showing how liberal dancehall has become. Bounty Killer, who was probably one of the most staunchly conservative artistes, came out in full support of abortion today. The Grung Gad posted a photo on his Instagram today that says the following: “Until a baby comes out a man’s body, an opinion on abortion shouldn’t come out of his mouth.”

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Just a few months ago, Buju Banton also announced that he would no longer perform the Boom bye-bye, a song that degrades the homosexual lifestyle.

While no one wants to see Jamaica, dancehall or reggae music lose all moral values and become a pit of filth, it is somewhat good that the people are becoming more liberal and less brainwashed by the Bible. It is the brainwashing by the bible why Blacks in Jamaica are so poor while other ethnicities are financially wealthy. So maybe Shenseea is playing her part in waking up the people.



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  1. Believing in a book doesn’t make one poor.. laziness makes one poor… N the Bible is totally against laziness… Continue promoting immorality till y’all start having calamities.. bout brain wash

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  1. Jamaica must thank God for Koffee.

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