Jamaica must thank God for Koffee.

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With a dancehall culture that encourages Jamaica’s young people to be murderers, sexual deviants, skin bleachers, and homosexuals; there is one young standout that is proving to be a beacon of light in a culture of darkness. Her name is Koffee and she has proven and continues to prove that cleanliness and success are not mutually exclusive.

On any given day, half-naked female dancehall artistes are sprawled all over Instagram looking like they are more interested in selling sex than selling songs. Instead of telling fans about their upcoming shows, they are busy showing off their surgically enhanced breasts and buttocks. The ones that are not boasting about their sexual deviancy are flaunting their bisexual tendencies by sharing intimate photos of them and their same-sex partners lying in bed.

Koffee has managed to fly high above the filth and let her talent do all the talking,

Even at her young age, Koffee is by far the most talented female artiste out of Jamaica right now. Her catalog is still small so it would not be fair to say she is the new queen of dancehall but if she stays on the path she is right now, the crown and the throne is definitely in her future.

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Koffee’s first album Rapture proves that dancehall music does not have to be about sex, murder, and mayhem to be successful. Not only did her album top the Billboard Reggae Music Chart for weeks but it has remained in the top 10 since its release. It is an album filled with gratitude instead of self-praise, confidence instead of conceit and foods for thought instead of folly.

The importance of Koffee to Jamaica cannot be overstated. Jamaican young people, like young people in general, are easily led. Dancehall artistes have proven time and time again that it does not take much for young Jamaicans to embrace filth and then bend over backward to justify why it is worth embracing. A dancehall artiste was the reason why Jamaica became the country with the most skin bleachers per capita. So to have an artiste like Koffee for young Jamaicans to look up to her positivity and clean image is a breath of fresh air to not only the dancehall community but entire Jamaica.

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As talented as Koffee is, it is not difficult to imagine her switching to other genres such as hip hop or even pop.

“I speak in Jamaican Creole, specifically in my lyrics, but I’m definitely not closed to any genre at the moment because I am super young, I only have a few songs out and there’s a lot of exploring to do, a lot more work and experiences to gain, so, I wouldn’t box myself yet,” Koffee said.

While Koffee should spread her wings and fly as she pleases without any musical boundaries, real dancehall fans who embrace positivity should hope that she sticks with the genre.



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