Why Koffee is sensational.

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Koffee the new sensation ramming up stage show and dancehall has catapulted into stardom from a tender age and humble beginnings.

The darling of reggae she is now called the hope of a fraternity and she has stepped into responsibility in style, captivating the hearts and minds of those who loved and served the fraternity for decades. In Koffee they see a bright future for something they have dedicated their lives to. Her composure during eloquently expressed interviews is amicable and certainly elevates her status in rankings.

Koffee who first captured us with her witty lyrics and rude boy rhymes’ blazed on the scene of reggae capturing the JARIA award for best song of the year ahead of some of her biggest admirers including the likes of Protégé and Chronixx. Wayne Marshal fare no better and was delighted to take a seat and behold the young stardom lift her award and thrill the crowd with her speech of gratitude.

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Yes it’s the teenager who rose from the gritty streets of Spanish Town to the limelight of our hearts. capturing us with a tribute to one of our icon the legendary Usain Bolt her steady flow on the rift of her guitar is sweet and melodic as she lifts her head to capture the notes reflecting the moods of backing vocalists practicing their art in the studio, it’s all over her, the music, reminding us of our beloved Alicia keys. Yes it’s this teenager that will soon make the changing panoramic view of the Caribbean Sea her backdrop that we must also tell that stubble and dense terrain lies in-land.

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When Coco Tea introduce the charming teenager at rebel salute, she delighted the crowd, including superstar Coco tea himself who was just over the moon like a Father watching his estate in the capable hands of his children there is a delight that word cannot expressed.

Young Koffee is without doubt a special one that we would love to see fulfill her potential, her mother’s influenced should keep her grounded and so the future of reggae is in good hands.



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