Reggae Gold 2020 is stepping out of Babylon.

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18 Karat Reggae Gold 2021 : ONENESS
18 Karat Reggae Gold 2021 : ONENESS
Stepping out of Babylon (Reggae Gold 2020)
Stepping out of Babylon (Reggae Gold 2020)

Are you tired of songs filled with violence, sex, drugs and materialism? Well, 18 Karat Reggae Gold 2020 is here to your rescue.
The fourth song on the 18 Karat Reggae Gold 2020 compilation is “Stepping out of Babylon” by Melanie and it is a remake of the Reggae Classic by Marcia Griffiths.

Melanie does a great job paying tribute to the legend and queen of Reggae Music, Marcia.

“When I think of all the bitter times I have had, Oh Lord it doesn’t make me sad. Oh Lord it doesn’t bother me, strength and honor is all I see.”

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The lyric is a staunch reminder that has COVID-19 force us to stay at home and practice social distancing, we should not be sad. Instead we should look forward to the day when we can all get together and look back and feel proud of the strength and honor that it took to get us through the pandemic.

Listen to Stepping out of Babylon by Melanie.

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