New Reggae Artist C-Ductive brings a breath of fresh air to the genre.

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Reggae Artist C-Ductive
Reggae Artist C-Ductive

Slingshot Jamaica Records proudly announces the release of C-Ductive’s new single, “Mi nah fight” on the “Love Connection” riddim. Although the songbird from Montego Bay, Jamaica has been singing all her life, this is her first time teaming up with Orrett “Slingshot” Neil, the CEO and producer of Slingshot records. This should be a great union for reggae as both the music production and the vocal delivery are excellent.

The song finds the beautiful C-Ductive captivating her listeners over a smooth reggae lovers rock rhythm. Her lyrics paint a vivid picture of a man who thinks he is a player, yet somehow allow his on the side chick to gain access to his phone and obtain the number of his main squeeze. Now the side chick is calling the main squeeze trying to create problems but C-Ductive with her sultry voice is making it know that she is not the one to fight over a man, especially a “waste boy”.

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Although C-Ductive is lyrically scolding her mate, her voice is so sexy, she might as well have been singing sweet nothings to her man. It is hard to make a stern warning like “yuh nuh ready fi di war” sound romantic and sexy, but C-Ductive manages to skillfully pull it off with her sexy voice.

In a world musical genre where most artists tend to follow the leader, C-Ductive brings a breath of fresh air as she trods her own path. Reggae fans will enjoy this song and will be wanting more from this artist. The arrangements and productions are very solid and this song should do well for both Slingshot Records and C-Ductive.

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“Mi nah fight” by C-Ductive is now available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and all the top digital music sites.

Download: Mi Naw Fight



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