Can Buju Banton save the dismal sales in Reggae Music?

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Buju Banton
Buju Banton

It has been a long time since Reggae fans heard a new album from Buju Banton but that wait is about to be over. The Grammy winning artist is set to release his new album, “Upside Down 2020” on June 26th.

It will be interesting to see if the “Wanna be loved” singer can have a positive impact on what have been very dismal sales for Reggae Music in the last few years.

There is an uncomfortable music that that people are afraid to address just about as much as America is afraid to address police brutality. That fact is that, unless your last name is Marley or you are white, Reggae Music just doesn’t sell. We see recent proof of this with Lila Ike and her album release.

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Despite being very talented and signed through a major label, Ike’s album “The Experience” has only sold 600 copies since its release two weeks ago. Even Koffee, the first solo female to ever win a Reggae Grammy has only sold six thousand copies of her EP.

Buju Banton has no problem pulling a crowd as almost every stop on his Long Walk to Freedom tour was sold. Whether or not he can achieve the same success in selling albums in this environment remains to be seen. He will also have to complete with the top selling Reggae Gold 2020 which has been dominating all the Reggae charts.

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‘Upside Down 2020’ will be Banton’s 13th studio album. His last album, ‘Before the Dawn,’ released in 2010, won a Grammy Award for Best Reggae Album one year later.

The 20-track album and will feature collaborations with John Legend, Pharrell Williams, Stefflon Don, and Stephen Marley. Otherwise, its sixteen tracks of just Buju Banton with hits like ‘Trust,’ and ‘Steppa.’

As it relates to the album’s title, Buju explains, “I perceive from what I’ve seen from my emergence as being upside down.” He added that many things are not as they ought to be, and “mankind is in a state of disarray.”



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