Safaree warned to take DNA test as wife might have gotten pregnant by another Jamaican.

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Safaree and pregnant wife
Safaree and pregnant wife

A company that offers DNA testing in Jamaica is warning rapper, Safaree, to take a DNA test to make sure that the baby is wife is carrying is really his. Rumors started surfacing on the streets in Jamaica last month that while Safaree was spending time in Jamaican to embrace his Jamaican roots, his wife might have gotten impregnated by another man who lives on the island.

Polygenics Consulting who conducts DNA testing in Jamaica says there could be truth to the story as 70 percent of paternity test conducted in their Jamaican facilities proved that the men the women claimed to fathers of the babies were actually not.

Generally across Jamaica, between 30 and 100 persons visit facilities that offer DNA testing, and families come to these facilities seeking DNA tests as early as when the child is one day old.

Sociologist Dr Orville Taylor, while pointing out that the 70 per cent figure is specific to Polygenics Consulting, and not representative of the whole population, said they show a level of promiscuity among Jamaican women.

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“I don’t find the data particular disturbing. If it’s a case where the people are not in a stable type of union, this would be a reflection of that. If somebody is not very careful or scrupulous about whom she is having unprotected sex with, then there’s a 70 per cent chance then she will have a child for someone who is not the biological father. It points to some level of promiscuity,” he said.
Meanwhile, Lanny Davidson, chairman of Fathers in Action, described the actions of the mothers as “child abuse”, and said this can have devastating consequences for the child.

“One child I heard about, she went from being a straight ‘A’ student, to an almost high school dropout. Her father was filing for her, and when she found out that he wasn’t the father, she got very unruly. Her behavior changed, she started ‘sculling’ school, and she got very promiscuous,” he said.

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He said mothers should think about their children before deciding to name other men as the fathers.
“She’s choosing amongst her sexual partners which one she wants to call the father. I think it’s a cop out on her part. It’s not the mother’s choice,” he added.

He also pointed to another possible consequence of naming the wrong father.
“On a bigger scale, you may even find brother and sister getting married,” he said.

Safaree says his wife is now 5 months pregnant but he made no indications on whether or not a DNA paternity test was in the works.



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