Buju Banton got a bigger crowd in Trinidad than in Jamaica.

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“All is well that ends well” that is what Buju Banton, the Trinidadian police force and the reggae fans who were in Trinidad for the continuation of the Long Walk to Freedom tour are saying.

What started out as a rough beginning with the hotel room of Buju Banton getting raided by Trinidad’s police ended with Buju Banton giving s superb performance to a sold out crowd.

There was hardly standing room in Queen’s Park Savannah, Port of Spain, which is the largest venue in Trinidad and Tobago as the Reggae Grammy Award singer took the stage.

The crowd that came to see Buju Banton in Trinidad was way more than the over 30,000 that squeezed into the National Stadium in Jamaica to see him on the first leg of the tour.

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The Trinidadian division of parks did not have the official crowd number as yet but they say it is well over 35,000 and closer to 40,000 people.

Buju Banton showed how please he was with the huge crowd when he called Commissioner of Police, Gary Griffith, to join him on the stage and let the people know there is no animosity between Jamaica and Trinidad.

“Tell the people of Trinidad and Tobago that all is well and it ended well,” The Rasta said to Griffith.

“Buju Banton, I will take a line from your song. How could you ever think? Trinidad and Tobago, don’t ever doubt we’re your friends. And from GG to BB, Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica are allies forever,” Griffith replied to the Rasta artiste.

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“You hear that? We’re gonna make it better. The relations between the two nations must improve. It begins tonight. We pressing the reset button. You saw it,” Buju said, as the crowd cheered in a sign of love and unity.

Buju Banton’s Long Walk to Freedom tour will continue in Barbados this coming weekend.



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