Safaree plans to change his name to Safuree.

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Safaree in fur
Safaree in fur

‘Love and Hip Hop’ star Safaree who has been in a feud with the animal rights organization PETA has decided to take the beef (no pun intended) to another level. After leading a protest back in May against a law that would ban the sale of fur in New York City, the rapper has now decided to change his name from Safaree to Safuree (pronounced Sa-furry).

It is a well-known fact that the rapper / dancehall artist is a big lover of fur but seldom do we see celebrities change their names in support of something they love. Maybe Safaree is about to set a new trend in the entertainment business and pretty soon Rihanna will change her name to MaRihanna or Damian Marley might change his name to Damian Marijuana.

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Safaree says the plan is to start using his new name in 2020.

“I am starting 2020 in style. My name will represent what I wear and all I had to do was change one single vowel to another vowel,” the rapper told 18 Karat Reggae.



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