Ishawna surpasses Macka Diamond as most popular dancehall artist on OnlyFans.

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Ishawna might is not the queen of dancehall, however, she is the queen of OnlyFans, at least where dancehall artists are concerned. Not long ago it was Macka Diamond who had the most followers on the X rated plaform, however, last week Ishawna took back the the position she once held in 2020.

Macka Diamond now has to settle for second place while the self-proclaimed first lady of dancehall, D’Angel, holds on to the third position.

There seems to be no stopping Ishawna, whose rise to fame started after she was discovered and taken under the wing of Bounty Killer. The former Alliance member then went on to join the label Downsound Records and released several popular singles.

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OnlyFans is a platform where people can upload sexy or X-Rated photos and videos and charge their fans a monthly fee to view them. Dancehall artistes like Ishawna, D’Angel and Macka Diamond have taken to the platform to share the most intimate and provocative materials.

Ishawna is always full of surprises, and one such was her billing for last year’s virtual staging of Reggae Sumfest. In 2015 she made her memorable début, but by 2016, she cut ties with Downsound Records and the festival; therefore, when she appeared on the 2020 poster, there was chatter aplenty, online and offline. She told THE STAR at the time that Downsound Records’ CEO and Sumfest owner, Joe Bogdanovich, reached out to her to be part of the festival. She accepted the offer because she believed it would be a good look for her career.

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And, in true Ishawna style, that has endeared fans to her, she proclaimed: “Bathe, powder unu neck and come out inna unu living room or wherever unu a go watch from because it’s going to be festive.”



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