Jamaican man says Shenseea and Vybz Kartel inspired his bisexual girlfriends to come out of the closet.

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Shenseea and Vybz Kartel have made homosexuality acceptable in Jamaica
Shenseea and Vybz Kartel have made homosexuality acceptable in Jamaica

A Jamaican man who claims to have at least 100 girlfriends all over the island, some of whom are bisexuals, says the girls were forced to keep their sexuality a secret because of Jamaica’s homophobic culture. However, the girls are now comfortable in coming public with their sexual orientation as dancehall artists like Shenseea and Vybz Kartel have made homosexuality acceptable in Jamaica.

Rupert McFarlane of a Porto Bello address in St. James, Jamaica says it was a regular thing for his girlfriends to get intimate with each other during some of their threesome and foursome episodes. However, this behavior had to be kept private.

The 28-year-old McFarlane says after Shenseea released a video of herself and another woman in bed and then weeks later Vybz Kartel also released a video with two women being intimate, the fact that Jamaicans were not outraged led his girlfriends to realize that the island was not as homophobic as first thought.

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“It is not only Vybz Kartel and Shenseea either. Artists like D’Angel, Konshens and even the Rasta Tony Rebel is letting homosexuals know that they should feel comfortable about their sexuality. It is just the one Foota Hype who is fighting against homosexuality right now,” McFarlane told 18 Karat Reggae.

While lesbianism in dancehall videos have become a regular thing, veteran selector, Foota Hype, seems to be the only one in the dancehall fraternity who is fighting to preserve dancehall and reggae culture. The selector faced tremendous backlash including threat of bodily harm when he condemned the fact that Vybz Kartel and Shenseea were promoting homosexuality.

McFarlane says he now takes his girlfriends to dances where they express intimacy in public and instead of scorn, they are treated with cheers.

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“I get big respect when I step in the club with two sexy girls. They dance with me and they dance with each other and even kiss each other and the crowd loves that. Right now, I get more respect when I got to a dance than any other man in Jamaica.” McFarlane said.

Homosexual sex is illegal in Jamaica under the buggery law, however, there is no law against two women being intimate so Jamaican police cannot arrest McFarlane’s girlfriend for kissing and getting intimate at the dancefloor. Likewise, Shenseea and Vybz Kartel are not breaking any laws for promoting lesbianism in their videos.



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