Shenseea and Spice are fighting over Drake.

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Shenseea and Spice
Shenseea and Spice

This week the queen of Dancehall, Spice, told her fans that it was because of Romeich why there was bad blood between herself and Shenseea. According to sources from Drake’s camp, however, the bad blood between the two leading females in Dancehall is because both ladies want to be close to Drake.

According to the source, a few years ago right after the Red Bull culture clash in London, Drake became interested in Spice and wanted to smash so bad that he asked Popcaan to introduce him to the diva.

“Spice has that butt that Drake loves,” the source said. “Just look on the butts of the women that he has been with in the past like Serena Williams and Jennifer Lopez and you can see why he wanted to smash Spice.”

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It is not clear what happened with Drake and Spice or if they even smashed in private but his lust for her seemed to have cooled off in recent years.

Recently the Canadian rapper seems to have been more looking in Shenseea’s way and that made Spice a little jealous, according to the source.

“Women love when they have a man’s attention so naturally Spice felt some time of way to know the attention Drake used to pay her was now being paid to Shenseea,” the source said.

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It turns out that Spice is the one who made it public that Drake will be featured on Shenseea’s album. Some say she released what was supposed to be a secret for now because she wished it was her getting the chance to do a song with Drake.

Whether Spice and Shenseea will bury the hatchet and even do a collaboration remains to be seen. Once thing is certain, however, Remeich is not the cause of their problem, Drake is.



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