Shenseea and Shauna Controlla are lovers, according to rumors.

Shauna Controlla and Shenseea
Shauna Controlla and Shenseea

Rumors are swirling all over the streets of Jamaica that female dancehall artistes Shenseea and Shauna Controlla were in an intimate relationship. The rumors started after veteran deejay, Tony Rebel, told a Jamaican tabloid that there were gays in the Jamaican music industry that needed to come out of the closet.

Rebel’s comments had fans trying to guess who the gays artists were. Numerous fans pointed to Shenseea and Shauna saying that they were not only bisexuals, but they were intimate with each other.

A few weeks ago, Shenseea posted steamy photos of herself and another female lying in bed half-naked.

Earlier in the year Shauna Controlla also made it publicly known that she was a bisexual. Both Shauna’s claim and Shenseea lesbian photos were dismissed as publicity stunts. However, this week after the rumors heated up and fans were trying to figure out what was real and what was being done for media attention, Shauna made it clear that these bisexual stories are real.

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“It wasn’t staged; I am naturally bisexual. Why should I hide it? There is no shame in my game, and I have no problem with anybody that is part of the LGBT community,” Shauna told a Jamaican tabloid.

Shauna Controlla says she is no slut when it comes to her bisexuality and she does not sleep around with many women.

“I have not been with that many females. I can count on one hand and lef change, but right now, mi deh wid two or three ladies,” she told the tabloid.

She was pushed to confirm whether one of the ladies she has been with was Shenseea, but she would not call any names, although she did hint that she finds Shenseea to be beautiful and sexy.

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“I like the girly type, and while I may see a female that looks good and compliment her, it doesn’t mean mi want deh wid her,” Shauna concluded.

While dancehall has been labeled as a homophobic genre of music, many female dancehall artistes have either come out as bisexuals or strong supports of the LGBTQ community. These artists include Shauna Controlla, D’Angel, Diana King, Shenseea and others.

Just this week a video went viral of two women making out in the middle of a dancehall.

Attempts to reach Shenseea were futile.



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