Sizzla “Holding Firm” despite persecution from the LGBTQ community.

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Sizzla and Damian Marley
Sizzla and Damian Marley

When your freedom of speech is being infringed upon and your basic right to earn a living is being violated, it is easy to become negative, angry or even depressed but reggae artist, Sizzla, says he is holding firm despite all the negativity coming his way.

Over the years, Sizzla has had his visa revoked by some western countries, his performance appearances cancelled after protests from the gay community over one of his songs but that has not seemed to stop the Thank you Jah singjay from standing firm in his belief and Rastafari faith.

Sizzla’s most recent setback happened after he was booked to perform on this year’s Reggae on the River festival but after protests from gay groups in California, High Times, the organizers of the festival and partly owned by Damian Marley, removed Sizzla from the lineup.

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Speaking with a Jamaican news outlets, Sizzla said that despite all the negativity, he will continue to hold firm and lead the people in the right direction. Because of this

“[I am] holding firm. With all the negativity that has come my way, with people having a bad heart for me and because of how I have shown the people the right way for their redemption and preservation of our indigenous African culture,” Sizzla told the news outlet.

While Sizzla shows are being cancelled in the west, he is loved and embraced in Jamaica, throughout the Caribbean and Africa. When asked by the Jamaican news outlet, where was is favorite place to perform outside of Jamaica, the Black woman Child singjay responded:

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Africa, because it is the root and cradle of civilization. Going to Africa for a performance literally eradicates all ‘junk knowledge’ being placed in one’s head towards the beautiful continent of Africa and Ethiopia.

Reggae fans are puzzled on dismayed that Sizzla was kicked off the Reggae on the River lineup this year since he performed on the festival in 2016 without incident. As a result, an online petition has been started to try and get the artist back on the lineup.

Reggae fans who want to see a cease in the trampling on reggae artists’ freedom of speech should sign the petition. Put Sizzla back on the Reggae on the River lineup.



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