Most white homosexuals are as racist as the KKK.

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Homosexuals protesting Reggae
Homosexuals protesting Reggae

Homosexuals face a lot of discrimination in the Unites States, but the truth is, most white homosexuals give it as much as they get it, the discrimination that is. Just months away from 2020 and white homosexuals are on a hate campaign against Black Jamaican Reggae artists for songs they recorded back in the 1990s.

White homosexuals are trying to financially lynch Black reggae artistes under the guise that they are fighting homophobia. However, close attention to their actions prove that their fight has more to do with race than standing up against homophobic songs.

Sean Paul is a Jewish-Jamaican who has sung homophobic lyrics like “…Stick to the girls like glue, cause I man nah play number two.” Queen Ifrica is an African-Jamaican who has also done homophobic lyrics like “A don’t want no fish inna mi Ital dish. To see mi son become a father a mi greatest wish.”

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So, both artists are talking about their personal preferences. Sean Paul is making it clear that he is stuck with the girls and will never play number two (two men being intimate). Queen Ifrica on the other is looking at the future and hoping that her son will also stick to the ladies and maker her a maternal grandmother. At the end of the day, it is all about preference, however, the white homosexual community launched on all out war on Ifrica and got many of her concerts cancelled which resulted in her losing millions of dollars, yet they have never protested or boycotted a Sean Paul event.

A similar thing is happening currently, where African Jamaican Sizzla has been kicked off the Reggae on the River 2019 concert for homophobic lyrics but Jewish Jamaican, Damian Marley, who also has homophobic lyrics remains on the lineup.

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18 Karat Reggae has reached out to numerous LGBTQ groups to inquire why they choose to target only the Black reggae artists who have recorded homophobic lyrics but not one of these groups were willing to give an answer.

There is currently a petition to get Sizzla added back to the Reggae on the River lineup. The petition is for everyone who believe if freedom of speech, liberty and justice fore all and the right of every human being to make an honest living.

Reggae fans should sign the petition even if they are not a fan of Sizzla because Tomorrow it will be a different Black reggae artist being targeted.

“How long shall they kill our prophets while we stand aside and look.” – Bob Marley.



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