Undercover Lover: Reggae songstress shares an intimate moment.

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Sycorah - Undercover Lover
Sycorah - Undercover Lover

Have you ever heard a beautiful song and wonder what exactly inspired the writer to compose such a song? The beautiful and sultry reggae star, Sycorah, gave 18 Karat Reggae the inside scoop on exactly how she came up with the song Undercover Lover.

Below Sycorah explains the intimate details that led to her beautiful song:

When I first heard the Queen of the minstrel in 2015, I thought, this is the most intimidating rhythm I’ve ever heard. It is very challenging and complex. Still, I took it from my Producer with the intention of studying it like a scientist.

Months had passed and still, i never touched it. I was afraid of this rhythm, and thought, I’m not taking on any task to fail and so I left it there on my lap top until one night in 2016. It was February 14, I lay awake in my bed, with many thoughts going through my mind. It was Valentine’s Day of course. So you know the drill; lovers, presents, flowers, chocolate kisses in the park. I was lonely as hell.

The person I was seeing at the time was from foreign, and our relationship was long distance. We weren’t together that night and I also felt I was not ready to reveal him to anyone, so I kept us in the dark, away from friends and family. I kept him all to myself.

Anyway, it was late, and my loneliness was becoming a burden on my body I called him and told him what was on my mind. Like the intelligent man he is, he sent me into my studio to create from my loneliness.

Oh what power we find in our needs and desires as women. I literally forgot I was afraid of Queen of the Minstrels. I found myself in that rhythm, feeling dominant, creative and strong. Riding the riddim transported me back to the sounds of the 70’s and 80’s when the music was rich, spiritual and sensual and also less vulgar.

I paid my respect to the classics by becoming The Queen of the Minstrels herself. Well, at least in the studio for about four minutes. A girl can still dream, can’t she? With Delroy “Fatta” Pottinger on the mixing board, I lay it all down at anchor recording studio Windsor Avenue Kingston Jamaica.

And that’s how Under Cover Lover came to be. Need I say more?

Sycorah has one of the most beautiful and powerful voice to bless reggae music in a long time and her range is remarkable. For more from the beautiful songstress, check out her Youtube channel.

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