The Marley family are pimping reggae, according to Eek-A-Mouse.

The Marley Boys
The Marley Boys

Eek-A-Mouse just released a song where he sings that the Marleys are pimping reggae music. It is great to see an artist speak what they feel without fear of being labeled a hater, especially in a world where people act like the Marleys are supreme beings above criticism. The title of the song is “Banned from Reggae” and Eek-A-Mouse also makes the claim that the Marley Boys tried and are still trying to ban him from reggae.

Before I get into the lyrical details of the song, which is somewhat on point, I have to say something to Eek-A-Mouse.

Eek-A-Mouse, I hope you get a chance to read this. If you are going to do a song where you are complaining about others trying to ban you from reggae, at least try to make the song sound like you don’t deserve to be banned from reggae. While the lyrics are great, the song production and arrangement is horrible. What is this?

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If I was just hearing you for the first time and did not know some of your great works, I would want to ban you from reggae too. To be honest with you, I hope this song gets banned from reggae. I would rather listen to a Ziggy Marley album than to listen to this song again.

Now for those who are just hearing Eek-A-Mouse for the first time, don’t let the above song fool you, he is actually a great artist with a classic like the below and many other.

Now to the lyrics of “Banned from Reggae”.

Eek-A-Mouse make some very valid points. We hear of artists like Sizzla and Capleton giving back to their communities; furnishing schools with computers and school supplies to help the youths and doing other things that benefit Jamaica overall. We know artist like Shaggy and others do great charity work to hep the Bustamante children’s hospital. Yet you never hear the Marleys doing any kind of charity work. In fact, you never hear of the Marleys doing anything to benefit anyone but the Maleys. It is really ashamed that a family that has gotten so much from Jamaica, Rasta and Reggae has done nothing to help out these communities.

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Yes, that song by Eek-A-Mouse is horrible but the message is right on point. The Marleys should try to follow in the footsteps of Shaggy, Sizzla, Capleton and the many other reggae artists who are giving back to the ghetto communities in Jamaica from whence their blessings came.



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  1. From so many other sources of complaints about the mis-doings of rita and her family,this is spiritually speaking,a “fallen family”.They are a source of so much pain to so many,given their public influence.
    Jah visit this family with your rod of correction and judgement and purification.
    Rita has gone down with the stroke. Nothing to celebrate about,but this is the beginning of their end. The spiritual cause of the stroke is negative emotions which lnclude cruelty,greed,selfishness,fear,guilt,…
    Finally,this family reflects how bad things are within the rasta movement. May Jah purify this movement currently choking with so much negativity

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