Reasons Damian Marley do not need to apologize to homosexuals.

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Damian Marley
Damian Marley

In the United States, if you are a funny man it probably means you are a comedian. In Jamaica, if you are a funny man you are the equivalent of a batty man or in other words a gay guy. So in the song “Welcome to Jamrock”, when Damian Marley said:

When Trench Town man stop laugh and block off traffic
Then dem wheel and pop off and dem start clap it
With the pin file dung an it ah beat rapid
Police come inna jeep and dem can’t stop it
Funny man ah get dropped like a bad habit

While funny guy getting dropped like a bad habit is just as homophobic as “boom bye-bye in a batty man head” or “Rasta man nah apologize to no batty boy”, Damian Marley has never had to deal with the persecution from gay groups that Buju Banton, Sizzla, Bounty Killer and other Black artists have had to face.

The reason is, these homosexual groups who are protesting reggae are made up of over 90 percent whites and they are just as bigoted as the KKK. So while Sean Paul and Damian Marley are entitled to their freedom of speech, Black reggae artists are denied that right by gay groups.

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Bigotry is not the only reason Damian Marley does not have to apologize to gay groups for his homophobic lyrics but to his credit, he is also an intelligent businessman. While many dancehall and reggae artists are busy flossing, Damian has been busy starting and accumulating businesses.

So while LBGTQ groups have forced High Times to kick Sizzla off the Reggae on the River lineup for homophobic lyrics, Damian Marley remains on the lineup. Even if gays wanted to get High Times to kick Marley off the lineup, they would have failed miserably because he is part owner of High Times. That is the privilege that ownership buys you not only in the United States but the entire world. This is a lesson Black people have failed to learn and appreciate.

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Even if gays should succeed in getting Damian Marley kicked off a show where he was not the owner of the promotion company behind the show, he has his own Welcome to Jamrock cruise. Sadly, Sizzla does not have this luxury, at least not yet but the good thing is it is never too late. Most Rasta people are also Garveyites (followers of the teaching of Marcus Garvey) and judging from Sizzla’s lyrics he is one of them. Well, the main teaching of Marcus Garvey is self-reliance which includes business ownership.

So yes, bigotry is the reason why only Black reggae artists are targeted by these LGBTQ hate groups but they have only themselves to blame. Damian Marley proves that when you have owned it is more difficult for others to violate your rights.



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