Should Sizzla follow the footsteps of Buju Banton and apologize to the gay community?

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Buju Banton and Sizzla
Buju Banton and Sizzla

Sizzla who was scheduled to perform on Reggae on the River 2019 was kicked off the show after protests from LGBTQ groups. The Rasta is no stranger to having his performances canceled ever since he released a song called “Nah Apologize (No Apology)” over 15 years ago.

The song was recorded after the Homosexual community started a campaign against Reggae Music in which they declared that any reggae artist who wanted to perform anywhere in the United States, Canada, and Europe must issue a statement condemning and apologizing for any homophobic lyrics they have ever uttered.

Sizzla’s stance at the time, which he stated in the song, was that homosexuals were the ones who needed to apologize to God and there were no reasons for Rasta to apologize to homosexuals. It must be noted that Sizzla has not performed the song in over 10 years, yet the gay community has not relent in applying pressure to the Jamaican.

While Sizzla should be commended for standing up for what he believes in, it has gotten to the point where fans are being denied the opportunity to see him perform live are now saying that maybe he should just apologize and get it over with.

The homosexual community is a well-organized, well-funded, government-backed well-oiled machine and it will be difficult for Sizzla to win a war against them.

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What Reggae on the River is proving is that when push comes to shove, even Sizzla’s own fellow Jamaican, fellow Rasta and fellow Reggae artist will not stand with him against the homosexual community. High Times Magazine which is owned by Damian Marley is in charge of the Reggae on the River lineup, so Damian could have stood up to the gay community if he so chooses.

In fact, Sizzla performed on the Reggae on the River festival in 2016 before High Times took over the festival, despite protests from the homosexual community then. So it is safe to say, homosexual protests is not the real reason that Sizzla has kicked off the lineup this year but rather it is because High Times took over the festival. Could it be that Damian Marley does not want to be outperformed by Sizzla and is using gay protests as a smokescreen?

Like Sizzla, Buju Banton faced similar pressure from the gay community for his song Boom bye-bye but earlier this year he issued what could be considered an apology statement and his Long Walk to Freedom tour has been a success so far without any protests from gay communities. Below is an excerpt from Buju Banton’s statement:

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“I recognize that the song (Boom bye-bye) has caused much pain to listeners, as well as to my fans, my family and myself. After all the adversity we’ve been through I am determined to put this song in the past and continue moving forward as an artist and as a man.

I affirm once and for all that everyone has the right to live as they so choose. In the words of the great Dennis Brown, ‘Love and hate can never be friends.’ I welcome everyone to my shows in a spirit of peace and love. Please come join me in that same spirit. “

So the question now is, should Sizzla issue a similar statement in the sake of making a living for himself and his family or should he stick to his convictions?

Reggae fans have started a petition to get High Times to put Sizzla back on the Reggae on the river lineup. Sign the petition if you believe Sizzla should be allowed to perform at the festival.



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