Buju Banton has shunned Boom bye bye so will Jamaica now embrace Dalton Harris.

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Buju Banton and Dalton Harris
Buju Banton and Dalton Harris

Dalton Harris is still waiting for his hero’s welcome in Jamaica and Buju Banton’s latest move might give Harris a chance to finally get his due.

Unlike celebrities like Usain Bolt, Tessanne Chin and Shelly-Ann Frazer who received great welcome home after achieving individual victories on foreign soil, Dalton Harris, the 2018 X Factor winner has had no such luck in the land of his birth. In fact, the Power of Love singer had to keep it a secret when he went back to Jamaica. Not only did he keep his return a secret but for his own safety he only spent a week in his homeland before returning to the United Kingdom.

All of this stem from a photo of Dalton Harris sitting in another X Factor male competitor’s lap during the competition. As a result rumors swirled online that Harris was gay, and accusation the X Factor vehemently denies.

Dalton Harris’ denial did not stop Jamaicans from refraining to embrace him. Some say that is because Jamaica is one of the most homophobic countries in the western hemisphere.

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Well, living legend Buju Banton who has been linked to homophobia because of his song Boom Bye Bye which promotes violence against homosexuals have issued a statement that he will no longer perform that song.

“In recent days there has been a great deal of press coverage about the song ‘Boom Bye Bye’ from my past which I long ago stopped performing and removed from any platform that I control or have influence over,” Buju said. “I recognize that the song has caused much pain to listeners, as well as to my fans, my family and myself. After all the adversity we’ve been through I am determined to put this song in the past and continue moving forward as an artist and as a man.”

Not only will Buju Banton no longer perform the song but he denounces homophobia and said every man should be able to live the life they choose as long as they are not hurting anyone.

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“I affirm once and for all that everyone has the right to live as they so choose,” the singer continues. “In the words of the great Dennis Brown, ‘Love and hate can never be friends.’ I welcome everyone to my shows in a spirit of peace and love. Please come join me in that same spirit.”

So with the influence that Buju Banton has on Jamaica, it might soften the stance of Jamaicans to finally give Dalton Harris the warm welcome home he deserves. The X Factor winner should never have been shunned in the first place, especially after denying that he was gay.

Dalton Harris should be happy about the latest development. It could mean that he will be accepted by his countrymen instead of having to be an example of the old adage, “A good man is never honored in his own land.”



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