Jamaican herbal doctor claims he found a cure for HIV.

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Trevor Farquharson
Trevor Farquharson

A Jamaican herbalist doctor claims that he has found the cure for HIV and already treated a woman who tested positive for the virus but is now HIV free.

Herbalist doctor, Trevor Farquharson, says he has practicing natural herbal medicine for over 15 years and helping Jamaicans treat or cure all kind of ailments. But it was when a family member living in the United States told him of a friend who was HIV positive, he started to study what HIV does to the body and came up with a cure.

“My sister in the United States called me and told me about a lady she knows that was HIV positive. She asked me to send some medicine for her and after researching HIV I came up with a cure. My cure consists of a blend of calabash, oregano, and spinning nettle,” Farquharson said.

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Farquharson claims that he soon received word from his sister that after a few weeks of taking the treatment the woman’s doctor could no longer find the HIV virus in her body.

“After she got the medicine, her health made a 180 degree change and she was advised by her doctor to continue whatever she was doing. She is now happily married,” said Farquharson.

Farquharson says he has no kind of formal training in medicine. He lived around herb all his life and understands what different herbs do to the body. He says once he gets an understanding of what a disease does to the body he knows what herbs can be used to counteract the disease.

He also claims that he is not only treating people in Jamaica but foreigners are now flying into the island for his treatment.

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“I have people from all over Jamaica who come to me. I get calls every day, and there are even people who have travelled from Florida, New York, and other areas in the United States to Jamaica to see me and get herbal healings for their illnesses,” Farquharson revealed.

Farquharson currently runs his herbal medicine business out of the Mandeville market in Manchester, Jamaica.

When we spoke to the health ministry of Jamaica, we were told that because what Farquharson is selling is all natural they could not interfere with him but they had no proof that is herbal medicines have actually cured anyone.



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