Jamaica has gone to the dogs. Dancehall Reggae Producer disrespects Marcus Garvey.

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Dancehall Produce Russian
Dancehall Produce Russian

In the song “Rain Shower,” Sizzla Kalonji chanted the following lyrics: “Mi bun Jamaica a that Babylon corrupt and curse.”

It was hard to fathom those lyrics as it is difficult to think of a place like Jamaica being cursed by Jah. After all, which country has more freedom fighters per capita than Jamaica? Not one—Jamaica leads that category by far. From the day these Africans landed on the island, they have been leading the fight for freedom physically, verbally, and spiritually.

However, when a dancehall reggae producer like Russian could blatantly disrespect Jamaica’s first national hero without any recourse then it is obvious that Sizzla’s lyrics does carry some weight. How can this kind of disrespect happen to the great Marcus Garvey? According to Russian, Marcus Garvey is a common criminal who can only be credited with “his little Black Star Line ponzi scheme.”

A ponzi scheme? One has to wonder how much research was done by Russian before making these ludicrous comments. Or was he too lazy to do any research and is blindly buying into the scheme J. Edgar Hoover and his F.B.I agents plotted against Garvey?

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You would think Lisa Hanna would have released a video asking Russian for an apology. Of course if it was Queen Ifrica giving a “Big up to straight people,” she would have long had something to say. In this case, however, the person doing the disrespect is from uptown like herself, so she turns a deaf ear.

Anyone who would blatantly disrespect a country’s first national hero, clearly has no love or respect for the country. So Russian is basically a culture vulture, stealing, raping, and pillaging the dancehall Reggae culture. The fact that Russian can get away with this shows that Jamaica has totally lost its roots.

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A prophet is never honored in his own land.



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  1. Don’t mislead the people with your blog. Russian didn’t diss Marcus Garvey. Read what he said again carefully

    • He said Marcus Garvey ran his “little Black Star line ponzi scheme”. Is that not disrespect? I am willing to listen so do let me know if I was misinterpreting. There are men in prison right now like Bernie Madoff doing life sentence for ponzi schemes. Let’s not forget our very own Cash Plus and Olint. So saying Garvey was running a ponzi scheme is calling him a criminal. The truth is Garvey was set up by the FBI and other sellout Blacks.

  2. Soliciting funds from various sources (people) and then invest that funds for a financial dream. That dream was not managed well (that is a fact); no Audited Financials, no Rate of Return for investors, no way of recieving back invested funds, no guarantee for funds to be returned. Hence Ponzi Scheme!
    His statement, though is critique of Marcus Garvey’s financial choice is not a stain on his philosophy.

    • Did Garvey invest the money in what he was saying he would invest in? Example Black businesses and a shipping company. People who ran ponzi schemes are criminals. Garvey was not a criminal. J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI infiltrated the business to set up Garvey and they were successful because some of the people Garvey hired and trusted were not trustworthy.

    • 18karatreggae you are so ignorant about the facts, Garvey didnt honor the charity plan for the ship to take his people back to Africa, instead what did he do?: ships was bought did any take anyone back to Africa as planed?:

      • But he did buy the ships right? But because he was setup by the FBI and he did not take Black people back to Africa that makes him a criminal?

      • I am currently writing a book on Garvey. I studied under RA Hill the foremost Garvey scholar. You have it wrong. Garvey did not run a ponzi scheme. He actually bought ships and the ships did actually sail. The FBI Infiltrated UNIA and those responsible for actually having expertise whom Garvey trusted were actually FBI Informants and FBI agents that mislead Garvey. You should do homework before you speak it just makes you look silly.

      • You don’t know nothing about what too place man. Lol. Do some research, you are embarrassing yourself. Plans were in place to start moving blacks into Liberia. The U.S government sent Du Bois to Liberia to crush those plans. The idea was yo move blacks which skilled workers to start developing the land which was promised. After the meeting with the U.S members, the King at the time went back on the promise. Learn more

    • I am currently writing a book on Garvey. I studied under RA Hill the foremost Garvey scholar. You have it wrong. Garvey did not run a ponzi scheme. He actually bought ships and the ships did actually sail. The FBI Infiltrated UNIA and those responsible for actually having expertise whom Garvey trusted were actually FBI Informants and FBI agents that mislead Garvey. You should do homework before you speak it just makes you look silly.

    • You don’t know what you are talking about. Don’t you know about the cafe and factory that the money was used to build, so that blacks would have jobs?

  3. Aren’t you the same loser who threw a temper tantrum because Kaci Fennell called Bob Marley a contribution to the world?

  4. Chronixx say something the other day and the hol Jamaica bun him and he was simply defending Marcus Garvey so y am I not surprised smfh rise up mighty race


    Why can’t we treat each other with due respect and honor

  6. Russian ah idiot!
    Him ah one follow fashion Yout weh follow the rest of follow fashion Jamaica. Jamaica has become a place filled with too many ‘waste-men’ and women who would sell-out dem last fi pop-style…smh

  7. The saddest part of this is the comments. Who knew Jamaicans were so dull on the Garvey situation. Do you research people. You will see why he didn’t truly accomplish his vision. Ponzi scheme? Lol, foolish Russian.

  8. Anyone that disses anyone of our national heroes is a traitor. Marcus did more to advance the black cause than most people even understand. He thought bigger than most. Did he make mistakes? Well who hasn’t. But he was no criminal. We are talking here about the 1920s and 30s and he accomplished what he did against all the odds. You must learn some History Russian . In America they kill all the black men who dare to help his fellow man up to this day. He was too powerful to kill so they framed him. Your comments are racist pure and simple.

  9. What really upsets me is all these little hurry come up idiots.God gives us two ear and one mouth,if you listen you all would learn something,but uno chat so much uno no hear notten.sheet uno dam mouth an listen den u will learn sitting.W.E.B.DUBOIS Was one of the house Negri that took down Marcus.

  10. He is still young, when he gets older he may learn and feel foolish when he look back at some of his lyrics. It’s a shame but he is a brown skin jamaican from uptown. I’m a cross between uptown and downtown and at times I did have to correct some of my very high coloured mullato and red skin relatives. You cannot blaim them. some of these ignorance are taught by the white relatives to the mixed race and mullatos so they are just repeating some of what they have learned while they were growing up. Sometimes your mom father aunts cousins and close friends drill things into your head and you grow up holding unto it as facts until one day you do some reading and find out the truth.

  11. wow….as I live and breathe, I can’t imagine someone would act so ignorant with such access to knowledge via the internet…..instead of speaking to deaf ears, just drop the link….This 1919 memo is one of the earliest examples of the type of FBI harassment that would eventually be codified under the name COINTELPRO. A young and ambitious J. Edgar Hoover, not yet the director, lays out some ideas on how to neutralize the popular black activist Marcus Garvey

    After a four-year investigation using these techniques, Garvey would eventually be arrested and sentenced to jail time…http://genius.com/Federal-bureau-of-investigation-marcus-garvey-neutralization-memo-annotated

  12. Marcus Garvey launched the UNIA’s first major commercial venture, the Black Star Line Steamship Corporation in New York in 1919. The goals of the corporation were to establish an efficient mode of transportation, communication and trade among Black people worldwide and to enhance the stature, self-image and pride of these communities. The public invested in the corporation by purchasing stock shares at five dollars each.

    12. The corporation purchased its first ship the SS Yarmouth in September 1919. It was later unofficially renamed the SS Frederick Douglass after the African American abolitionist. The Yarmouth proceeded to sail for three years between the U.S. and the West Indies as the first Black Star Line ship with an all-black crew and a black captain.

  13. In 1928, Garvey created the People’s Political Party (PPP) which was Jamaica first modern political party and the first to defend the interests of the Black majority. The party’s manifesto called for official representation in the British Parliament, a minimum wage, land reform, a Jamaican university, judicial reform, a government-run electrical system, public high schools and libraries and a National Opera House.

  14. Marcus Garvey has inspired every major black movement of the 20th century, both in Africa and the Americas. Followers of Garvey’s ideology include Hon Elijah Muhammad , Minister Louis Farrakhan, Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. Also leaders of African Independent states such as Presidents Nnamdi Azikiwe, Kwame Nkrumah, Jomo Kenyatta, Nelson Mandela, Patrice Lumumba and Julius Nyerere.

  15. Sad to hear this. Russian is simply a lost and uninformed dangerous person. It’s a pity to ssee him say such things about Marcus Garvey. Especially when we know that no one (White end Blacks together) did better than Garvey, and that the world and particularly Africa would have been far better today if Americans (the CIA) had not hindered Garvey’s work for the emancipation of Africansand Africa at home and abroad .

  16. I’m not surprise that he made such uninformed statement. His name is Russian, which tells a lot about his views and character. He’s a direct incarnation off the negros who sold out Garvey back then.

  17. well done 18K – I was just discussing a with a friend that we should have a magazine that exposes the shit we have got away with hiding for 50 years straight – why can’t we talk fi wi talk and bun out fool – If a man is calling Garvey a Ponzi Scheme he don’t know himself so let him gwan do him ting – life has a way of making us go full circle in so many way, so bun you fire and keep bringing interesting articles to the table – it can only get better, as it is already worse when we depend on the likes of WEB Debois mindset that suffocates our rise

  18. Marcus Garvey’s Aim in a word was to reverse the slave trade, decolonized black/Africans minds, uplift Black Africans to our rightful place so that we would not continue to be tricked by some Johnny-come-lately, Jessy-be-simple Russian ……”How can you give up a continent for an island”


  19. Wow didnt Jamaicans know marcus garvey was one of black ppl greatest philosopher,and inspirator,the white racist power hungry slave masters and their govt,conspired and falsedly accused and condemned him by their manufactured evedience called fraud,these words were spoken by him,man to man is so unjust there is none who u can truthfully thrust.and his words came to past like they always does,they conspired against him with his own

  20. Thank you on sharing some history on Marcus Garvey. I have heard about him but not the the extent you gave. I now understand the Black Star Line as had been part of lyrics of some songs out of Jamaica.

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