Women are Sluts, Men are studs: The sexual double standards.

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Womena are whores
Women are sluts

Why are women called sluts and whores if they sleep with a lot of men, but a man who sleeps with a lot of women is called a stud, a player, a ladies man and other glorified names? The answer is simple, the bible has programmed us to think this way.

Not only has the bible taught us to think this way, but if the bible is correct, every man should have more than one woman and every woman should have one man. Think of the great men in the bible; most of them had many wives. In fact, they either had many wives of no wife at all, however, there is no man in the bible who only had one wife.

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If you remember the story of Job and the trials and tribulations he went through, one of his rewards for not cursing God and dying was being blessed in the form of many wives. On the other hand, when King David was in love with another man’s wife, the woman was not shared, instead David killed the man so he could have the woman. So one woman having multiple man is a total no no. However, after Adam and Eve, it was multiple women to one man going forward.

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Now maybe, with the new Testament that practice ended. If the new Testament did not specifically state that the practice has ended, then the question has to be asked, why do Christian men only have one wife? Abraham, Jacob, King David, King Solomon, and most of the other heroes of the bible were players and studs.

Or maybe, women are sluts and whores for sleeping around; because, ad the songs say: “Girls, you can’t do what they guys do and still be a lady.”



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  1. That is exactly right! There are a lot of those sexual double standards in the bible and the mindset that goes along with it. The kind of mindset that sometimes engenders emotional and physical abuse against women unfortunately. You ask why do Christian men (other than of the old style Mormon variety), have only one wife? Well, if you will notice 1 Tim.3:2 says that the bishop or overseer is to be husband to ONE wife, but this was not beholden upon the rest of the congregation. Of course the whole polygamy thing is unfair to women anyway, as is the bible itself, with it’s treating women like the property of a man (like a mule. oxen, or a toaster oven!). Adultery was a sin for a woman because she was property, but you will notice the men did and still can have, more than one sex partner, but not so for the woman. And the reason a man was supposed to not look upon a woman as to commit adultery in his heart with her, Matt 5:28, was because she was another man’s property. It has much more to do with that than with sexual impropriety. To eye up another man’s wife was to covet his property. The religion of Christianity has kept the deeper stuff out of the public knowledge. To not do so would be to cause an uproar when people realize just how much they have been rooked.

    • It seems that you have been misinformed or you misunderstand the bible. There is nowhere in the bible that promotes sexual double standards and there is nowhere in the bible that promotes any sort of abuse against women. The bible treats each sex equally. For example, if you read Mark 12: 28-31 which states

      One of the teachers of the law came and heard them debating. Noticing that Jesus had given them a good answer, he asked him, “Of all the commandments, which is the most important?”

      29“The most important one,” answered Jesus, “is this: ‘Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one. Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength. 31The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself. There is no commandment greater than these.

      If you notice, the commandment did not say Love only your MALE neighbor as yourself. It said love your neighbor (male and female).

      Yes you are correct in writing that Timothy 3:12 says that a Deacon is only supposed to have one wife. However, you are incorrect in thinking that means that the other men are free to have more than one wife. If you read the Timothy 3: 1-14 you will see that the Deacons are chosen to be examples of how all the men of the church are to behave. As a result, saying that the Deacons should have one wife, is saying that the other male members of the church are to have only one wife as well.

      The bible clearly preaches that it is a sin to commit adultery. The eighth commandment says not to commit adultery, it did not say only women should not commit adultery. I agree that women were treated as second class citizens but it was not the bible that sanctioned or instructed that behavior. Do not blame the bible for the sins of mankind. It is because mankind is sinful and flawed that we needed God to come and die for the payment of our sins and that we have the bible to show us how live in harmony and peace with each other.

      It seems like you are also missing the point of Matt 5:28. He is not saying that only men commit adultery this way, Jesus was showing that even the thought of committing adultery is just as sinful as the actual act. It would be the same as if a woman looks at a man lustfully. She too would be committing adultery even though men were not treated as property and or second class citizens. Plus if you go down to read Matt 5:31-32 it shows how Jesus preached the protection of women from men “using them and discarding them”.

      I understand that if you read the bible, you might see women being treated unfairly. That is true, but it is never the bible preaching and condoning it, it is the bible just reporting the historical fact of the times. Let me use an example to illustrate my point. We know high schools have a no drug use policy. However, it is a fact that high school children are often caught doing drugs on school property. It would be unfair to say that the school system, the school and the principal all believe that teenage drug use is acceptable. Just like the bible preaches equality of the sexes, it is unfair to say that because women were not treated equally Jesus and the bible are in favor of women being treated as property.

      The bible does not teach polygamy it actual teaches the exact opposite. I would like for you to tell me what “deeper stuff” you think that Christianity is hiding from the public knowledge. The bible talks about every and anything society talks about and faces today. The bible talks about, politics, money, wealth, poverty, homosexuality, abortion, crimes, drugs, love, relationships, family, sex, alcoholism, addiction, adultery and fornication, and in depth. So what deeper stuff is being hidden. Please tell because I would really like to know what it is that I am missing. I eagerly await your reply.

  2. I can see that you are earnestly seeking truth. However, somewhere along the line you have misunderstood the bible. This is what comes from people who read the bible and get out of it what they want instead of what the bible is actually teaching. First thing I want to refute is the inaccurate comment that no man in the Bible had one wife. The person who wrote the comment mentioned that David killed a man for that man’s wife. Well that man was Uriah and Uriah only had one wife. Secondly, Noah only had one wife. Thirdly, Joseph, Jesus’ earthly father figure only had one wife. I can give many more examples but my point is proven.

    The bible does not preach one man many wives. If preaches one man one wife, one woman one husband. Yes it is true that a lot of champions of the faith, in the bible had more than one wife. However, the mention of them is to demonstrate that 1)these men are not perfect and like every other person who ever lived and will ever lived, they are flawed. It is because of our flawed and sinful nature why we need a savior in the first place; thus Jesus died to pay for our sins. Secondly, the wives only illustrated the ruin that comes from not being monogamous. Going back to Genesis, God promised Abram a son with his wife Sarai. Instead of listening to God and waiting he took another wife and had a child with her and the descendents of that child eventually became antagonists of the Jewish people (the descendents of Abram and his Issac, the son he had with Sarai).

    Yes you are correct in writing that Timothy 3:12 says that a Deacon is only supposed to have one wife. However, you are incorrect in thinking that means that the other men are free to have more than one wife. If you read the Timothy 3: 1-14 you will see that the Deacons are chosen to be examples of how all the men of the church are to behave. As a result, saying that the Deacons should have one wife, is saying that the other male members of the church are to have only one wife as well. You mentioned that Jacob had more than one wife. That is true. However, you did not tell the entire story. When you read the story, it shows that Jacob only wanted one wife. It shows that Jacob was tricked into marrying the first wife. He had to consummate the marriage with the first wife for the marriage to be valid. Then he would be allowed to marry the woman he wanted to be his wife. If you notice, Jacob never took a third wife. The only woman he wanted for his wife was Rachel and because of his love for her he did not stop until he could marry her. Plus, the story of Jacob also shows the dysfunction that happens when a man has more than one wife. The bible does not preach that a man can and should have more than one wife.

    You mention that Job had more than one wife. However, you neglected to mention that Job only got married again after his first wife left him. Job did not have two wives at the same time. Do not misread or misquote the bible because you will miss what is being taught.

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