Jamaica needs more leniency on its Marijuana laws, according to Jah Rooti.

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Jah rooti advocates for total marijuana legalization
Jah rooti advocates for total marijuana legalization

Young reggae artiste Jah Rooti advocates for more leniency on Marijuana laws in Jamaica. He believes the laws governing marijuana is outdated and the country is way behind on amendments to the Dangerous Drug Act of 1948. With so much information available at hand. Now is the time to remove marijuana from the dangerous drug category.

So many research and data has been done since that bill was cast, to prove that this plant is more of benefit than a danger to society. Jah Rooti is also championing the fight to stop the aggressive behavior of the police force and the narcotics division in their approach when dealing with marijuana farm and farmers in Jamaica. He pointed out his condemnation of their recent raid and destruction of over 7 acres of ganja in St Elizabeth. This amount of cannabis is valued roughly 1/2 billion JMD oversees (street value). Imagine what that amount money could have done in our community.

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While there is some discussion about the health concerns of marijuana. It’s still hard to deny the benefits of it. We should not be living in a dept driven economy where so many people are in poverty and crime continues to hinder adequate investments.

Many states and country around the world is celebrating the economical benefit they have made from marijuana and its by-products since law makers made it possible. However in Jamaica it’s another story. Law enforcement are celebrating the destruction of the valuable plant. This isn’t right claim Jah Rooti, We shouldn’t be held in oppression by a bill that was made long before our country’s independence. This shows a lack of competence and negligence from our leaders. “They only care about there kitty,” he stated.

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Most marijuana farmers are poor people and everything so far regarding its financial benefits is directing to the rich. Jah Rooti the young reggae artiste is also an all-round farmer, like many other youth from South Western St Elizabeth. Having marijuana as a legal crop to farm, would be a good opportunity for unemployed youth in the community, so they could get involved and be more productive in the uplifting of our economy through marijuana farming. It’s a good time for the farmers in the community to capitalize on the demand for the plant overseas. Let’s make that change.



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