White Superheroes are being stolen by minorities says Michelle Rodriquez.

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Michelle Rodriquez
Michelle Rodriquez

Michelle Rodriquez is perfectly correct about minorities needing to create their own superheroes and stop stealing white superheroes. Nothing she said warranted an apology and nothing she said was incorrect.

When Iggy Azalea and Macklemore won hip hop awards, many Blacks complained in public and in private about whites stealing Black Culture. Being that in both cases, especially Macklemore’s, they were undeserving of the awards, it is understandable why some would complain. However, Blacks can’t be complaining about whites stealing their culture while at the same time Blacks are stealing white superheroes and trying to fit it in Black culture.

The same way Blacks created hip-hop, reggae, Jazz etc. they could create their own heroes, in fact that is what Marcus Garvey thought us to do. The same laziness that Michelle Rodriquez is talking about is the same laziness Marcus Garvey spoke about when he said, “God made man lord of his creation; gave him possession and ownership of the world. And you have been so darned lazy that you’ve allowed the other brother to run away with the whole world. Now he’s bluffing you and telling you that the world belongs to him and that you have no part in it.”

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Blacks are creators, so why are we afraid to create our own superheroes? “There is no height to which you cannot climb without the active intelligence of your own mind. Mind creates, and as much as we desire in nature we can have through the creation of our own minds,” Marcus Garvey told us. So Blacks should be thanking Michelle Rodriquez for reminding us of the lessons Marcus Garvey taught us, not looking for an apology.

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We don’t need a Black Cinderella, Brenda got a baby.



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  1. Ms. Rodriguez should look at herself in the mirror, because she can’t POSSIBLY be classified as white. Ms. Rodriguez please don’t denounce your parents and family. You are NOT WHITE. Consider yourself a woman of color.

  2. This lady should apologize. It annoys me to no end that white people complain about us “stealing” their culture, when they stole black people, and are the very reason we are now so out of touch with our roots that if we were brought back to Africa we wouldn’t know what to do; because, Africa is no longer our home. America shoves whiteness down everyone’s throat, because whiteness=humanness in America. But when other people actually buy what they sell, then it is a problem. Race doesn’t exist, and culture is meant to be shared. every human has the capacity for culture. But no one is born with a specific culture. Culture is learned; culture is shared. If you grow up in America and your heroes are white, because, there are predominantly white heroes on television then it is what it is. As long as they are your heroes for a decent reason then there is no problem. I do not respect people because of their skin color. Inadequacy and stupidity transcends race. Likewise, if someone is worthy of your respect, why not give it? For someone to complain about people who share their culture, through no fault of their own, stealing it makes no sense. And she isn’t even white. So while I do agree that we need black heroes, I still think she is racist and—as a matter of fact she can keep her false apology; because, we don’t need it. That being said Marcus Garvey did say he likes honesty and fair play, and an overtly racist white person is more of a friend to the race than an undercover white person.

  3. I would also like to say that people of color do need positive role models and heroes in order to foster a positive self image of ourselves, and to foster that image in the white community. Racism hurts everyone, but with positive images of people of color standing side by side with positive images of white People instead we can have positive images of people. For instance, instead of reading Cinderella to children at night, all people should read Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters to their kids—especially to their little girls.

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