Actor Jermaine Hopkins Arrested for buying 200 pounds of Marijuana.

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“I need a ton load to touch di road

Marijuana is my middle name and ganja a mi code” – Capleton

Actor Jermaine Hopkins must have taken those words from Capleton literally. Either that or he was planning to open his own dispensary into Colorado. That is of course, if the filthy undercover cops are telling the truth. We know Babylon like to smear and ensnare, just look at what they did to Buju Banton.

Anyway, Arizona police are claiming that the actor purchased 200 pounds of marijuana from an undercover cop.

The 38-year-old was arrested recently in Avondale, Arizona, after buying 200lbs of marijuana from an undercover officer.

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The actor, who has also starred in television show Law & Order, was later stopped by police officers in the SUV he was driving where they found the drugs and $100,000 in cash.

Authorities then searched an Avondale apartment listed in Hopkins’ name. They say they found another 100lbs of marijuana.

According to Pheonix New Times, Hopkins told police officers that he had arranged the weed deal, which took place last Tuesday, so that he could provide a nice Christmas for his family.

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Hopkins, who lives in North Carolina, is now being held in custody after being charged with two counts of possessing, transporting and trying to sell marijuana.

Hopkins fell into the acting business at the age of 14 when his mother took him to an audition in New York for the 1989 Warner Brothers film Lean on Me.

After impressing the producers and director he was handed a starring role as the misguided drug-abusing high school student Thomas Sams.



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