Like Vybz Kartel, Alkaline’s album fails miserably.

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Alkaline can deny that is style, flow and persona are similar to that of Vybz Kartel but he cannot deny that his album sales are a mirror image of the world boss’.

Alkaline’s album, New Level Unlocked, despite all the hype and social media fanfare, has failed to make it on the billboard reggae chart. With Vybz Kartel, dancehall fans used the excuse that the album failed to sell because many of the songs were previously released as singles. That excuse cannot be made for Alkaline as all the songs on his album are new.

Dancehall music is at a point where all the players need to come to the realization that outside of Jamaica and other places that are leading in murder rate per capita, no one have any interest in what Chronixx would describe as “cannibalistic” music.

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For the second hottest dancehall star to not be able to chart with his debut album, a chart where selling 300 units can get you in the top ten, is a downright disgrace and a negative reflection on dancehall. Unless dancehall singers, producers and promoters make a conscious effort to clean up the music, dancehall will become obsolete outside of Jamaica.

While Alkaline’s album could not chart, Jah Cure is back in the top ten with his album The Cure which was released last year, clear proof that quality music out of Jamaica still sells. In fact, if you check the billboard reggae top ten, you will find no albums where the main subject lines are sex, murder and mayhem.

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Filthy and destructive music might run the streets of Jamaica but it is not being embraced by those who actually buy music.



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  1. People don’t buy much music anymore. I’m about 35 years old and from my years as a teenager to about 25 years old I spent thousands of dollars on buying music CDs of artists I loved. Now times have changed, money’s tight, and even though music is as important in my life as ever, I do not spend a cent on it. It’s all free deh online. I have every single one of Kartel’s songs – yet never given him a dime. That’t why I trying to make up for that and promise I will bust him out of jail one day to pay back for all his free music…..

  2. This post is totally irrelevant, now that alkaline has gone #1 now on billboards reggae charts badmind ah kill down to the people ina journelism

  3. How you feel now BITCH! Me artiste sitting at No. 1 with no local dancehall artiste near him!
    #Fucka unu well wah fight out a young talent

  4. lol its ovious alkaline bout back most of his album to hit billboard number one spot…. smh

  5. its obvious alkaline bought back most of his album to hit billboard number one spot…. smh

  6. We should neva support a bleaching face fool with black contacts. Why ya support such foolishness?

  7. Excuse me. Don’t EVER compare or place the young stealing of image style and lyrics, man, next to Mr. Palmer. The raw natural talent which Kartel possesses need no accolade from outside of Jamaica. He does however need to make a living. It is appreciated and desirable to have his music become notorious yet there are many factors working against him.

    -He’s incarcerated
    -Unable to tour the 1st world’s prior to incarceration
    -Dance hall in general isn’t easily acceptable
    -His music is too rich, substantial (not the regular monotonous synthetic sounds that’s now the norm in the industry)
    -Music-especially DH-is not regularly purchased.

    That being said, the young man who does not appreciate or show respect to those who’ve come before, and who’s level of talent he will never see because he was not born with it, may do better next time. Yet needs to find his niche, stop being a liar and a theif, and a copy cat.

    Kartel is blessed. For all the hate, demeaning talk, lies, and sabotage he’s been through, you ALL will live to apologize, regret, and be remorseful to that man. HE doesn’t complain, but truth sees truth, and truth cannot stay silenced.

    Hol’ your head Worlboss.
    Love from America.

  8. Thé badest thing a me nay stop say that it mi nu shit dem cant dyam evey style weh me mâle dem want one juste gwann hole thé fait me mi daddy fi life

  9. Some of these people who are commenting just don’t get what the writer of this article is trying to gey out… Some people are so emotionally dumb that they can’t understand that the writer is actually making us aware of what we need to do better as musician in Jamaica and as fans of the music…yes so alkaline and kartel eventually find themselves at the top of the chart buy with how many copies sold …the figures are nothing to cheer about…if you are a real fan then I think you would want your artist to be on top with at least gold..kmt

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