Buju Banton not worried about Vybz Kartel releasing an album the same day as him.

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Buju Banton
Buju Banton

Buju Banton is not too much concerned with the fact that on the same day when he will be releasing his new album “Upside Down 2020”, Vybz Kartel will also be releasing “Of Dons and Divas”. In fact the Banton sees thing in the way Capleton said it, “Music is a mission not a competition.”

In an interview on New York radio station Hot 97, Buju pointed out the fact that the primary purpose of his music was not to make money but instead to “to entertain, uplift, educate and stimulate the consciousness.”

So it seems like if Vybz Kartel was looking for an album sales competition, he will be competing with himself as Buju is more interested in seeing Black people uplift themselves and rise over all the current negativities.

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“Our nation and our people need to uplift themselves now,” Buju said. “We see everybody come to the Americas and get ahead yet our people who live there can’t even make it. Upside Down must be corrected now.”

Buju also clarified that his album name “Upside Down” was not chosen because of the craziness happening in the world but rather that title was chosen long before.

“This was coined long before all these things came to fruition, yes?” Buju explained about the album title. “Because we are always forward thinking and forward looking. So it’s a great body of work and I think it’s going to do a wonderful job for reggae music and for the people in terms of uplifting and strengthening and giving the masses the songs in these times that can help to motivate and inspire us.”

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Reggae Gold 2020 is also another album that was forward looking and now seems like it prophesy everything that is happening in the world now. The album cover shows the aftermath of David slewing Goliath with the shepherd standing with the Giant’



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